The Good Side to Suckage

So I woke up this morning, got ready for work, and prepared myself:

This day, is going to suck.

It was my mantra.

It was true.

* The Cave Troll picked a fight with me on the way to school. He did–swear to Triane he did–‘Don’t turn off the tv!’ ‘Don’t want to wear these pants!’ (as we are GETTING IN THE CAR!!) ‘Want milk!’ And then, as we are driving away with the tv blaring in the house BY HIS ROYAL FUCKING COMMAND, ‘Turn off the tv!!!’. And as he threw his fit, it occurred to me–the little shit did this on purpose. He didn’t want to go to day care, he liked the lazy mama days, and he had to find something at fault with the universe to throw a fit at. Anyway, he was a joy and a blessing this morning–if you were a goblin from hell trying to raise the bane of mankind in the back of a minivan.

* The babysitter moved. (No, not today.) She told me she moved. I’d even been to the new house. But I didn’t remember as the car auto-piloted it’s way to the old site, until I actually pulled up. I had to turn around and go to her new place! Besides feeling stupid, I almost didn’t have time to get my soda–and that’s a BAD THING.

* I did get my soda. I spilled it as I opened the @#$%ing gate.

* As I was throwing the last three inches away, the cup hit bottom and splashed me with the rest.

Okay–remember–all this is before 8:30 in the morning. But it was okay–it was o–kay.

Because my kids have been loud and noisy and hard to control all day–but I was ready. I got here in fighting trim, because I was prepared.

This day is gonna suck. Bring it on, baby, bring it on!

EDITED TO ADD: And a colleague just made my day! I told him I knit two of his three baby socks at the same time, and he replied “Really? You can knit one in each hand?”

I replied “Oh, if only! But, mark my words, someday, someone is going to take that innocent remark to heart, and that will be the next sock-technique book, mark my words!!!

0 thoughts on “The Good Side to Suckage”

  1. m1k1 says:

    I told him I knit two of his three baby socks at the same time, and he replied “Really? You can knit one in each hand?”

    Priceless. Wish I’d thought of that. Is he generally so literal? A mathematician? Or just a man.

  2. TinkingBell says:

    Cool – now how can I do that……..

  3. Galad says:

    Day one back at work is done. Here’s to getting back in the routine (even Cave Troll). It is hard to make that adjustment after two weeks off!

  4. First day is the hardest; but so is the middle of the week.

  5. roxie says:

    If today hadn’t been sucky, you might have wondered what was wrong with the vacation time. You had a wonderful break. Of course no one wants it to end. You’re GOOD at this mom thing.

    Hmm – knitting a sock one-handed. Hmmmm . . .

  6. Bells says:

    One in each hand? That’s awesome. Imagine!

    Oh and yes, your day sucked!

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