The Good Week

So, we went to Mate’s mom’s and grandma’s yesterday, and exchanged gifts.  Ours was mostly fudge and a washcloth, theirs was mostly See’s candy.  But it was a family meeting for Christmas, and that’s always lovely.  The sky was amazing on the way home–I love that stark contrast between the oak trees and the great beyond, so I tried to capture it on my crappy camera and was reminded of my first book cover, Vulnerable.  Mate took that picture in some of the same country, and I love it, and I love this picture (bad resolution and all) as well.
And this is an Air Swimmer.  It’s one of Zoomboy’s presents from Santa– It’s sort of amazing, actually.  It’s a remote controlled balloon.  You press the button and this giant fin, painstakingly attached to the balloon’s pointed arse, waves slowly back and forth and the big shark thing moves down the hall.  You press another button, and that weight thing yoiu see moves up and down, and the shark can go lower or higher on command.  DUDE!  Coolest present EVER!
 Squish, on the other hand, got lots and lots of Barbies– but her reaction to them was priceless.  “Look, Mom!  I got a pink car!  With HUMANS in the front!”
So Barbies are now “humans”–and humans are surprised!
My present–unanticipated, mind you– was an HD radio.  I was not expecting it.  It seems that Mate, seeing me deal with my little portable speaker/iPod assembly, was full of both mortification and pity, and felt the need to rectify that wrong.  The result is a new car stereo so magical, it makes my crappy old speakers sound decent, and it has an iPod jack.  I love it–and so does Mate, who drives my car when we go out as a family.  My present to him was a new shirt and a copy of Mel Brooks doing his 2000 year old man bit– something Mate was both surprised at and happy for, but that leaves me feeling, once again, a little bit “special” in the gifting department.  Ah, well.
And this is my family on Christmas Eve.  The kids had just opened their ONE present for the evening, and they all picked the present from each other–which they are modeling.  They made each other so happy–and that, in turn, made Mate and I ecstatic.
And now, it’s about getting back to work–albeit in a leisurely, “I can quit when there’s a good movie on” sort of way.  We visit Sam’s family today– I should finish the socks I started working on for Sam’s mom.    And I’m back in aqua classes–mostly because if I don’t go, I can’t move, my neck and shoulders hurt so bad!
So this is the good week– the relaxing, take Chicken shopping and driving sort of week.  (Her first driving lesson from a professional left her profoundly scarred and sobbing on the bed.  God save us from young drivers!)  The sleep in and let the kids sit on my lap sort of week.  My favorite part of Christmas, when our house is messy, our hearts full, and when we can play with our Air Swimmers and small humans in peace:-)

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  1. Galad says:

    Enjoy your week of lap sitting and movies with the small people. We are doing much the same and it is wonderful.

  2. roxie says:

    You got an Air Swimmer? OMG that is totally too cool for school!!!

    May the week be as quiet as you hope, and may your lap be well sat upon. Hugs and love,dear girl!

  3. Awesome family time!

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