The Green’s Hill Werewolves and Upcoming Projects…

 In the world of the Little Goddess

After a rocky start and some unexpected battles, Teague Sullivan may have found a home at Green’s Hill. With Jack and Katy by his side, he has the chance to achieve a happiness he only dreamed of during his impoverished childhood.

But much of Teague’s happiness depends upon being worthy of serving Green and Lady Cory, two leaders he’d die for and two people who gave him a chance to be a good man. Teague needs to serve them to feel worthy of love, but Jack resents anything that takes Teague away from his lovers, even his duty.

The three of them, Jack, Teague, and Katy, perform a delicate dance with an uncertain crescendo. What’s more likely to destroy them? Jack’s jealousy, Cory’s wrath, or the true enemy, the rival wolf pack with the insane leaders who are trying to take over Green’s turf? Teague Sullivan, who never thought much of himself, is suddenly the crux of everything he’s ever loved. Can he become the man and alpha wolf his people need? 
Okay– so the second volume of The Green’s Hill Werewolves is coming out tomorrow, and folks on my FB Group (Amy Lane Anonymous–come join the madness!) have been asking for an “Update post”–sort of a “catch all” of what’s coming up and what I”m working on now–and I’m happy to oblige.
First of all– The Green’s Hill Werewolves being re-released is sort of a big deal for me. I know I haven’t jumped through hoops, but having these stories joint the rest in the Little Goddess world makes me very happy. Even today, after all these years I get people telling me, “You know, Teague is my favorite.”
And that’s hands down–even all of the other tortured heroes I’ve written, Teague is their favorite.
I love that. And I love that now that I’ve written Quickening, Parts 1 & 2, we get to see Teague rise to his full potential–but he starts here. In the werewolf stories that I originally wrote as a way to stretch my “sex writing muscles.”  
And as a way to write heroes, male heroes, having sex without a girl present. Yes, I know there is Katy, and the threesome sex was AWESOME. 
The these guys were my first m/m couple, even if there’s a girl in the mix.
So I’m proud and happy that they’re covered so beautifully, and that people might get a chance to read them. 
After that?
Well, we have Familiar Angel, which should be up on DSP ANY DAY NOW. Like, before Friday at the latest. 
Now, I have talked about two angel stories–one, I’ve used “Tucker” as a shorthand, and that book is All the Rules of Heaven, which is an urban fantasy series. The first book of which should be out in April. This book here, Familiar Angel, is different.
Familiar Angel is part of a three book series, the Familiar series.  The first one is this October, Familiar Demon is next October, and Familiar Lover should be the October after that.
These stories center around three young men escaping a brothel, who stumble into a clearing where they see a sorceress, an angel, and a demon come together in power to rescue her demon lover.
In the course of the magical goings on, she makes the boys her familiars–and they become family. 
140 years later, the family business is rescuing victims of human trafficking–a cause dear to their hearts. 
But being heroes takes its toll, and each of the boys has to find their way to a forever lover who will keep their hearts as they risk their still youthful bodies. 
The first one is Harry’s story. And for reference in the photo, Harry is the cat. 
Suriel is the angel. 
Together, they were beautiful.  
BTW? I’m gonna brag here? 
Cindy Dees, that’s RITA AWARD WINNING Cindy Dees read my book and put a cover blurb on it. 
I almost swoon looking at that gorgeous, Cindy Dees blessed, Reese Dante cover every damned time.
And after that?
Well, I don’t have a cover yet–but blame Irma on that because Reese Dante is doing the cover for that one, and she just got power back. 
Reese is on the case though, and I’ll have a cover for Regret Me Not, my yearly Christmas novella, very soon.  It should be out in Late November
In the meantime, take a look at this:
This is the cover for a collection of my previous Christmas novellas–the ones that haven’t been put into collections before (like Winter Courtship of Fur Bearing Critters, which is in the Granby Knitting Menagerie collection or Candy Man which is included in the paperback of Bitter Taffy) or weren’t paperback length to start with, such as Winter Ball, Christmas Kitsch, or Freckles. 
These are my short novellas–most of them written for the Dreamspinner Advent Calendar.  They’re between 20-30K in length, and guaranteed angst free and adorable, and now available in paperback as of December 25th.
You’re welcome 🙂
Now, after Christmas, coming out in February/March, is Bobby Green. No cover for that yet, but yes, it’s the sequel to Black John, and it’s 125K, and it’s got some hard moments in it. Not as hard as John’s book, but some moments.  
After Bobby is All the Rules of Heaven–which is being self produced because seriously, it clicks no boxes. In typical ME fashion, Heaven just isn’t box-able, so I decided not to force it. It’s urban fantasy, which means I’ll write about Tucker and Angel whenever I have a minute, and it’s set in Gold Country. And it DOES acknowledge the existence of Green’s Hill, so in future books, there may be some cameos.
After Heaven, we have the third book in the Manny series, Stand by Your Manny. It should be out in May, and it’s Sammy’s story.  
For those of you wondering what I’m working on now?
Well, a character named Quinlan appears at the end of Sammy and Cooper’s book, a sweet boy who takes care of Sammy when he’s away from home and takes no for an answer. I’m working on Quinlan’s story–which is also Dustin’s story. Remember Dustin? The obnoxious little shit who catapulted lasagna onto Taylor’s eyepatch? 
Well he’s 14 in Stand by Your Manny, and 21 in A Fool and His Manny–and that’s the story I’m working on right now. It should be the last of the Mannies, and I’ve really loved writing the Lowells/Robbins/Graysons. They feel like family.
Now, after Stand by Your Manny, things get a little up in the air.
I’ve finished the first in a “mixed” series– m/f, m/m, and one m/m/f story. The series is called Stealing Home, and the first story, Seasons in the Sun is Juniper and Gus’s second chance at love. The entire series is based around a fictional baseball team called the Sacramento Mud Wumpets, and I’m planning to release Juni in June, appropriately enough.
And after that…
Well, I can tell you what I’m working on in what order, but not when it comes out:
Now: A Fool and His Manny
Next: Crocus, sequel to Bonfires
After that: Give a Fish a Bicycle, sequel to Red Fish, Dead Fish
January-ish–Familiar Demon, sequel to Familiar Angel
February/March-ish–Pop Fly–sequel to Seasons in the Sun
April/May-ish–Fall Games–sequel to Winter Ball and Summer Lessons
May/June-ish–Christmas novella
July-ish–Triple Play–Sequel to Seasons in the Sun
And honestly, that’s as far as I can plan without my little brain exploding.
So there you go. That’s my scheduled work about a year in advance–enjoy!

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  1. K. Tuttle says:

    While I am glad to finally get a sense of the upcoming goodies that will be bestowed upon us, I am now seriously tempted to stamp my foot and pout mightily until you hurry up with everything. Which, I know, is a rank juvenile act. Still… if it worked…

  2. If I didn't already own the Torquere editions I would totally repurchase the WW's. Same with the Christmas novellas. Thank you for the exhaustive coming attractions list. There are definitely some interesting new things coming, as well as continuations of series. I'm looking forward to all of it. Moar Amy! :throws money at the screen:

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