The Hot Sheet

Okay– seriously not that hot, but it’s the weird mundane minutia that’s been making up my week:

*  Geoffie the rotten dog still needs one more medication. Tomorrow I’ll get it at the grocery store and then it’s eyedrops ho!

*  Squish is running for student council again because she’s gonna rule the world.

* That weird little alien thing happened on the TV and Squish screamed and ran away. Remember this is the kid that’s gonna call Sam and Dean to scare away the freaky things attacking her in the dead of night, and this alien scared her.

*  ZB will be lucky to get through school this year, because if his sister’s gonna rule the world, he’s gonna slack in it.

* I watched the Lethal Weapon reboot last night and was pleasantly surprised. Also fun was Designated Survivor. Oh my God, I’m so excited– TV isn’t dead after all!  Now I just have to watch the last five eps of last season’s Supernatural, and I can be ready to face the season!

*  Freckles will be out in November, and I was going to do a cover reveal eventually, but it’s part of the Christmas bundle and we’re waiting for someone else’s story before we can post the link. I want you to see this cover SO BAD! It’s adorable.

*  Summer Lessons will be out at the end of November/beginning of December. This is the sequel to Winter Ball, and I’ll post the cover as soon as I get it! I’ve gotten some lovely feedback for this–it’s Mason’s story, and for those of you who read Winter Ball, Mason was Skip and Richie’s rather blurry, inappropriate boss.

* This music video happened thirteen years ago and I just saw it now:

And I”m going to leave you with that video, and all of the things I want to write because of it. My retroactive crush on The Boxer Rebellion is going quite well, thank you!

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