The Infinity Mitten

Me: aHA!

Mate: What?

Me: They have one!

Mate: One what?

Me: A pattern for the thing ZoomBoy wants for his birthday. *shows Mate THIS LINK*

Mate: Are you serious?

Me: Yup. He asked. Said it was the only thing he really wanted.

Mate: No, really.

Me: He called it “an infinity mitten”.

Mate: You can make that?

Me: I hope so, I just bought the pattern.

Mate: What are you going to do for the other hand?

Squish: I told her she should make a purple one, and give it black fingernails, with veins and stuff.

Mate and I: ewwww… no!!!

Squish: I think it would be great!

Me: Plain gold glove. No worries.

Mate: Whatever.

Me: I have to buy yarn tomorrow.

Mate: I bet if I excavated the garage–

Me: See this color gold?

Mate: Yes?

Me: Have you ever, in a thousand years, seen me come home with anything that looks like that?

Mate: No.

Me: Yarn store.

Mate: God. Seriously?

Me: I also need to buy the fake stones.

Mate: Heh heh heh… that’s sort of fun.

Me: Right?  Anyway– I need to hurry. His birthday dinner’s next Friday.

Mate: Damn. That’s all he wants?

Me: Hey– beats the heck out of his first suggestion.

Mate: ???

Me: He wanted a head-to-toe outfit, so, leg warmers to match his sweater and his hat.


Me: Right? He said that way he could wear shorts to school.

Mate: AUGH! That one’s committed, like you read about!


Mate: But good luck on the Infinity Mitten. Seriously. In a week.

Me: *sighs*  Yeah.  Good thing the cat likes knitting.

Mate: I think she just thinks there’s bugs on the string.

Cat: bugs bugs bugs bugs EAT YARN!

Me: Very possible. Night hon.

Mate: Happy knitting.

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  1. That's going to be awesome! I want to see progress pics. 😁

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