The Little Goddess Series explained

I’m sorry– I know it’s confusing.

I was originally writing and self-publishing just to be able to tell stories. I didn’t see it as an industry or a business until I”d been doing it for six years and had written three series.

So the timetable for releasing all these books will feel really random if I try to explain it now.

But people were confused as to which ones were out and which ones weren’t, and I thought I should explain.

The original order of the books went like this:




The Green’s Hill Werewolf Stories 1-5


The Green’s Hill Werewolf Stories  #6

Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost

 The reason The Green’s Hill Werewolf Stories are sort of the odd-man out there is that I wrote the two GINORMOUS Bitter Moon books in between Bound and Rampant, and I missed the more contemporary writing. And, let’s face it, the sex.

So– that was the original order, if that’s what you’d heard before or read before.

Now, since then, a couple of things have happened:

A. DSPP published this series and recovered them.

B. They had to split the SUPER LONG books into two volumes.

C. The Green’s Hill Werewolf volumes were published by Torquere and THEN turned over to DSPP.  They will be RERELEASED in the fall.

D. I wrote THREE Green’s Hill Novellas– Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost, Litha’s Constant Whim, and I Love You, Asshole, which were all condensed into one volume called The Green’s Hill Novellas. 



 So now– the order of the books is:


Wounded V. 1

Wounded V. 2

Bound V. 1

Bound V. 2

The Green’s Hill Novellas

The Green’s Hill Werewolves Volume 1  (Released this fall)

Rampant V. 1

Rampant V. 2

The Green’s Hill Werewolves Volume 2 (Released this fall)

Quickening V. 1 –Released in MAY

Quickening V. 2–Released in JUNE

And now, I have the free download for Scorched Haven for you. You can read it on the website, or download the .pdf — enjoy!  This story fits in at the very beginning of Quickening, but you won’t find anything there that you don’t know at the end of Rampant V. 2. 

(There are some small corrections I’m making to this file tomorrow–jsyk.)

So there you go!

I’m so excited about Quickening’s release. I hope at the very least my new fans check out Vulnerable. 

There’s so much to see!

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  1. Oooh…we can comment again. Huzzah! So glad Scorched Haven is available for folks.

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