The Recovering Backlog

I am officially three days late for everything– including spending time with my family, which is pretty much where I spent most of my weekend.

Today there was lunch with Mate’s mom (whom I continue to adore, even if I couldn’t hug because I was still a little sick) and then we saw Zootopia, because the kids saw it last weekend, and Mate and I needed to catch up. (Was awesome. Loved it. The fact that the Godfather was an arctic shrew cracks me up, because if you put four shrews in a bucket for a day, you will end up with one every fat shrew and a lot of blood and that’s a high end predator!)

And then we came home and I tried to make my deadline (which was Friday!)  I may actually finish my story tomorrow, which is only a little off my schedule, so I might be only a little freaky-outy.

Anyway–so, running to stand still– you know the drill.

Fanfic Friday shall be a go next weekend, and Backlist Ba-Dump-Bump needs some submissions first.

And in the meantime, enjoy the pretty pictures.

We’ve got ZoomBoy with a basketball (taken by his father at the Kings game, Friday) two assles grooming, the ever-present rain, and, of course, my family, smiling for the camera and indulging me.

I’d take a day off for them any time 🙂

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