The Secret Life of Pets

So I got a text last night from Big T:

Mom, where’s Steve?

I don’t know. She’s a cat and we’re 100 miles away.

I haven’t seen her all day.

She was in the bathroom this morning. We communed.

I looked. She wasn’t in there.

I spend a moment of horror to think of T in my bathroom, and then move on:

So here’s what you do:
You open the sliding glass door and sit down to watch television. Then when you’re ready to go to sleep, stand up and stretch. The dogs should run out and the cat should run in.


This morning, I texted him:

So, did it work?


Did you find my cat?

Yes. She was in the closet.

Which closet?
The linen one.

Fucking cat.

Why did she do that, mom. Why?

Because she’s a cat. I bet the dogs were going apeshit.


So, that’s what happened at home while I was gone.

What happened at the amusement park was sweet. For starters, Tuesday in the summer is THE time for a 6Flags park. Hardly anyone was there, and Mate and the kids got to ride roller coasters until they were TIRED of roller coasters. I sat in the shade with my buddy the elephant and knitted, and then when we got to see shows together, or walk together from one thing to the next, I wasn’t tired or too much in pain, or too irritated. I think giving myself permission to not be there for every waking moment of vacation paid off. I was a much happier mommy, and the kids had a great time.

Today we drove down to Monterey– much banter ensued in the car, including the following tweet from me (right before I got too carsick to phone surf):

Mate, as we pass a motorcycle with a passenger and saddlebags: That’ll never be us. Me: Why? Mate: Cause you could NEVER pack that small!

And I shall mangle MacBeth here with a “Too nice, and yet too true.”  I filled the big suitcase because I felt like it. So there.

Mate is as Target as I blog, btw– went to get ZoomBoy an air mattress, because we forgot the other one at home.  Me and the girls are chillin’, and I’m fine with that. Vacation for me is not HAVING to do anything. Today, that includes shopping at Target. (Believe me, last two weeks, me and Target were best buds.)

So, not bungee jumping but not bad either–tomorrow, there shall be the aquarium and hopefully some beach. YAYAYAYAY!

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