The Squishie Hat Trick

Okay– this is me, doing publicity for, well, myself. (Thrilled? I thought so. Me too–pass that cyber-valium now, baby, I’m too charged for words!)

So this is Squishie, and that thing she’s holding is NOT a hat. It is, in fact, a silk-ribbon purse I made for my daughter’s friend’s Quinceanara, but we haven’t had a chance to give it to her yet.

Anyway, tomorrow (Saturday, July 31st) I’m doing a Facebook chat for Dreamspinner press at THIS LINK. from one to six EASTERN TIME.

Now, even though it’s Facebook, I promise not to try to get you to do any farmville or mafia stuff, mostly because my farm is dead and my mafia is at peace. It’s just gonna be me (under the Dreamspinner logo) chatting about me (’cause I’m vain like that) and the whole plethora of shit I’ve released in the last two months. There will even be a contest– and that’s where Squishie comes in.

Sadly, since it’s DSP, there will be no yarn involved, but there might be some e-books. Three e-books, actually. As long as you have a DSP account, I’ll be able to give away three of my own Dreamspinner Press releases–winners choice. All you have to do is participate in the chat, and we’ll throw your name into the knitted purse (one entry per person, cause I am really math-disabled and counting multiple posts would make me crazier than I am already) and then I’ll have Squish pull them out! (Okay–I realize that a random number generator might be less trouble and more legitimate, but I like the Squishie-hat trick myself. And lemme check… Squishie hat trick it is!)

Anyway, just to remind you what sorts of things I’ve done that you might not know about, I’ve got a link and a big long list. All of these e-books can be found at the Dreamspinner Website and I set that link to the page with my own books.

Now this contest includes my brand new release, Making Promises and my upcoming release, Bewitched by Bella’s Brother as well as Truth in the Dark, Litha’s Constant Whim, Raising the Stakes, Phonebook, or If I Must. It also includes Keeping Promise Rock.

It also includes talking with yours truly, although I can not promise to be more entertaining than a cat stoned on foot odor–but I can promise to be more entertaining than a sleeping dog emitting gas. (I have one of those and I know I’m much better company–I figure that’s a safe bet.) Anyway–I hope to chat you there, and for my regulars whom I adore?

That purse Squish his holding is pretty cool, ain’t it? Uh-hm. And Squish ain’t bad either:-)

(Ariel wanted me to tell you that if you don’t have a DSP account, all you need is an e-mail. Dreamspinner Press will not contact you unless you want their newsletter–which is awesome–and they will NEVER feed your name to a spam crapping alligator or any other list that’s just as mean and disgusting, because they are a class act and they wouldn’t do that to a reader. So anybody can enter–you just need to sign up to DSP to get your prize!)

0 thoughts on “The Squishie Hat Trick”

  1. Chris says:

    Have fun! Not even for you will I Facebook. 🙂

  2. Louiz says:

    Oh my! Squish is so grown up looking!

  3. Sorry I missed it. Hope you had fun.

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