The Stages of Salt-Mining

Vulnerable–1st book

Anyone who has ever worked on a long-term project can tell you that there’s a couple of stages:

1– *WHEEE!!!*  I’m writing a book (or painting a mural or sculpting something out of marble or writing a symphony or whatever your artistic heart embraces) and it’s gonna be great and I’ve got all the time and all the enthusiasm in the world!

2–*pushes up sleeves*  Okay, this is where things get tricky! C’mon, let’s fuckin’ craft!

3–*swallows grimly and takes another hit of coffee*  I’ve done this. I’ve done this. This is a walk in the park. I can totally get this done.

Wounded Vol 1

4–*whimpers* *nods with trembling lip*  Again? I have to go back again? Just… just a little. If I write/paint/orchestrate just a little today, I shall claim the rest of the day in the name of having a fucking life!

5–*openly sobs* It’s just so looooooonnnngg…. I’ll be working on this until I daaaaeeeeeeee…. I will never have another project… they’ll inscribe this shitty magnum albatross on my fucking tooooooooommmmbb….

6–*crazy eyes*  Oh hell! What did I forget? There’s a thing wrong, a thing I missed, a big thing, a thing that will make or break the entire project, where does the thing go, where should I put the thing, oh my God there’s more than one thing! I must find the thing/put the thing/fix the thing/ add the thing THIS POJECT WILL STAND OR FAIL ALL ON THE WEIGHT OF ONE FUCKING THING!!!

7–*hysterical laughter*  It doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t fucking matter! I shall write/paint/craft/orchestrate what-the-fuck-ever because it just. doesn’t. matter. *moar maniacal cackling*

8–*looks up from pile of giggling/sobbing hysteria*  Oh. Oh damn. I see… can you see it?  Is there fucking light at the end of the tunnel?

9–*exhausted but focused*  I can see it. I can see the light! I SHALL GET TO THE END OF THE TUNNEL! I SHALL GET TO THE LIGHT! Don’t fuckin’ bother me kids, I’m riding the fuckin’ dragon, I can see the goddamned motherfuckin’ LIGHT!

10–*looks around in wonder*  Oh, this is the light. It’s, uhm… well, I need to edit. But, well, light.  Light’s good.  Light is like having a life. I may get six hours of sleep tonight– that’s swell.

11–*tries to scratch itch between shoulder blades that no regular human on earth can get*  Okay, that project is all very well and good, and we are done with it and in the editing stages, but… but… but…


So. For those of you wondering where I am right now as I finish Quickening, the fifth book in The Little Goddess series?

I’m on stage 9.

(Also– this post relates directly to Immortal because our man Teyth gets stuck on stage nine… and it’s a really dangerous time for an artist. It’s when we lose ourselves.)

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  1. Ro says:

    [builds you a robotic back scratcher powered by the tears of your fans]

  2. Unknown says:

    And there is the time I look at my three quarters done project (these days weaving) and go why did I pick that color? But it does work and it really is not worth it to unweave the whole thing, so suck it up because it is just fine. This is also known as second guessing myself.

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