The strange case of Rabino Glen:

In case anyone has any doubts as to how Mate and I are made for each other, this conversation was overheard in my house this morning:

Me: “I had the dumbest dream last night.”

Mate: “Grunt.”

“No, seriously–I dreamt that some totally random girl who knew you however dropped off her boyfriend’s kid with us for no reason whatsoever.”

“So, like that dumbass movie the kids were watching last night–you know, the one with ‘the Rock’.”

“Yeah–except the kid was little–he was all wrinkled and new and puketastic and everything–and he had the lamest name.”

“How lame could it be?” (I mean, seeing as it was my dream and all, right?)

“It was Rabino Glen–how lame is that?”

“Well if he was brand new, we could name him something not so stupid, right? Like Kyffin Thane or something that didn’t make the cut when we had the Cave Troll.”

Me: “OMG…THAT is what I was thinking for the entire goddamned dream!!!!”

See? Made for each other.

And guys, I’ve got a question for you. It involves porcelain dolls. Uhm, would you give one to a two 1/2 year old, yes or no? Because my Aunt (the one whose gifts hadn’t arrived on Christmas day) dropped off the kids’ gifts the other day. Now, the Cave Troll got some very cool drum sticks that (get this!) play only on the ear phones, so we get to watch him spaz out to himself to music in thin air. Seriously–good times.

Ladybug? She got a porcelain Tinkerbell’s Garden doll… uhm, bu the time I had figured out that it was porcelain, I was elbow deep in drumsticks (needed batteries) and the Cave Troll had DESTROYED the packaging for the DISPLAY ONLY porcelain doll. We managed to sneak the (breakable, exquisite) thing away from her and stash and display it in Chicken’s room–where she’s actually got a collection of such things–but it made me wonder.

When (and why!) would you give a porcelain doll to a preschooler? (To be fair, my aunt ordered it online–I’m not sue she could see the ‘Collectible’ label–it wasn’t written very large on the box. She probably thought it was your basic babydoll… because by now, most people have figured out that if it ain’t broke, it ain’t ours!)

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  1. Siercia says:

    An interesting dream…

    As far as the doll, I think the answer would be “it depends” – on the kid and the mom. If I were top do such a thing, I’d warn the mom of what is was, so it could be opened in the right way – Mom-supervised and organized so that the lesson of “oooh, look at this pretty thing for looking and not touching, let’s find a nice safe place to put it” could start right away. But I think I’d only do that for a kid who already had stuff like that, not your average run of the mill 2 year old.

  2. Galad says:

    My mother-in-law started making porcelain dolls for Nicole when she was two. We kept them on a shelf out of reach and allowed her to hold them if she was sitting on the couch with adult supervision.

    Surprisingly (since she destroyed her other dolls)she got the breakable part and handled them like a real baby. By the time she was three, she would open the package and note right away that the doll was breakable.

    Interesting dream – and Mate took it right in stride. You two are well matched 🙂

  3. Louiz says:

    Depends on the child I suppose, but my first instinct would say “no way!” Kathryn’s knock off barbie lost its arm and she was heartbroken – and it didn’t shatter into a thousand pieces.

    And cave trolls drum sticks? do they come in adult sizes? himself would love that.

  4. roxie says:

    I had a whole shelf full of dolls I couldn’t touch. I hated them. I think mom was actually getting them for herself but couldn’t admit it. Does the aunt have other delicate collectibles?

    Great dream!

  5. Donna Lee says:

    My mom has a bunch of those dolls that are beautiful to look at but dangerous to hold. She wanted to give them to my girls but I pleaded with her not to. I hated not being able to play with them. I made the girls soft, huggable dolls that they literally loved to pieces. Maybe (in all your spare time) you could make one?

  6. NeedleTart says:

    As for the dream, The Husband says I always wake up mad at him and it’s not his fault. That’s his whole take on the dream thing.

  7. TinkingBell says:

    Someone did that to my daughter. I thought they were a little – – – odd! Why give a kid something they can’t play with?

    But I want those drumsticks!

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