The T-Shirt is There for Your Benefit

First of all, did you all notice Ilona Andrews (author of Magic Bites and Magic Burns) commenting on one of my earlier entries? I was so excited, I almost plotzed. Chicken was so excited, she forgave me for waking her up early on a Saturday to tell her about it. There was excitement all around.

And second of all, this entire post is dedicated to that one picture. Because only a four year old boy could fall asleep like that. And the picture of Ladybug, sitting on her dresser where she’s not supposed to be, in her La La La outfit? That’s just sweet, sweet icing. Now everybody go eat some protein or my blog will give you sugar shock!

0 thoughts on “The T-Shirt is There for Your Benefit”

  1. Galad says:

    The Cave Troll photo is a classic to bring out when he is a dating teenager 🙂 (I always threatened to do things like that but never did).

    How exciting to have Ilona Andrews comment on your blog. Of course we are all impressed with your knitting! I’m half way through Magic Burns tonight and really like it so far.

  2. Ilona says:


    :waves paws furiously, trying to appear excitement worthy:

  3. roxie says:

    There are kids who simply can not fall asleep without rocking and singing and hours of help from parents. You are blessed to have a healthy young animal there. He makes me think of a kitten. Play till you fall down asleep.

    And the ladybug makes me think of a magical little mermaid. I’m gonna go shoot up some insulin now.

  4. TinkingBell says:

    So cute (clothing optional!) – my daughter is like that – but Samuel so proud of his day of the week pirate pants he wants to keep them on all the time!

  5. Classic blackmail photo.

  6. Donna Lee says:

    My girls were so modest. It was funny because my husband and I are not all that concerned with clothes. I don’t think I could put my naked self on a leather chair. I would want some softness under my delicate skin.

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