The thing about Mate…

So, you all read yesterday’s post, and the general consensus is that Mate is a hero.

I’m down with that shit.

And here’s the thing.

I’m a feminist. I’m all about division of labor. I’m totally against me doing most of the housework–and I don’t.

But when my husband comes home for ten minutes between work and a soccer meeting, I have dinner waiting if I can.  When I make dinner on other nights, I call the kids in to come get theirs–but I walk out his dinner, just for him.  And if it’s something really tasty, he gets dibs on leftovers.

Because he’s my hero. And a hero should get certain concessions.

And the really cool thing? The kids get it.

So, when McDonalds had no hot chocolate and I told them that I would make hot chocolate when dad got home?

Well, Dad’s a hero.

So it’s no problem.

Mate may never think he’s EVERYBODY’S hero (although he totally is). But I don’t want him to ever have any doubts that he’s mine. 

I hope that comes out in my books. To me, that’s sort of what romance is about–even after twenty-eight years.

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  1. Unknown says:

    The VERY BEST THING about our heroes is that we don't have to share them with anyone but our families….and maybe their workplaces (but those people usually don't have a clue as to the Clark Kent in their midst!)

  2. That is nice, good, sweet to hear.

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