There’s home and then there’s “Ah, home!”

Okay– I hate to disappoint anyone who is checking back to this blog for more on the controversy– seriously, all I’ve got is the official Dreamspinner Press links to their official statements.  I think they’re both classy as hell, myself–but then, y’all already know where my loyalties lie.  The first one is Elizabeth North–Executive Director of DSP–and this is her statement about the plagiarism issue:

You’ll find the link on the DSP website.

The second one is Julianne Bentley, who wrote the attacked blogpost on fan fiction, and it is, essentially, clarification:
It is, in effect, an addendum to her original blogpost.

And I hope that’s mostly an end to it, because me?

I’ve got some squishier fish to fry:-)

Finally, finally, I was able to settle down and write today.  It was sort of a victory for me, because besides the brouhaha, and the enormous amount of time it seemed to suck up, there was also dance lessons and my husband attending two basketball games (“But… but… I’ve got season tickets!  It may be their last season!”  Yeah, hope springs eternal– his that the team will stay in Sacramento, mine that they will win and not break his heart.)  And then there was this:

THIS is a musical presentation that the kids went to last night–it was pretty cool.  They got to make toad croakers out of plastic cups and dental floss, bee buzzers out of combs and wax paper, and duck quackers out of straws.  (For the record– auto correct has now tried to correct “duck quackers” two different ways, and BOTH of them are dirty.  I SWEAR it’s not my fault, and shame on the computer for thinking the word “quackers” is really like “suckers” and that there should be an “i” in DUCK!)  They also got to make didgeridoos out of PVC pipe and scotch tape.  Dudes.  The kids were in heaven.  They were toad-croaking and didgeridoo-ing all over the frickin cafeteria.  The guy was pretty awesome–he did sound-stories and had the kids participate and then had them make their own instruments and taught them major lessons on reading comprehension using sound. I was very impressed by the multi-media presentation, and also by the fact that, once again, throwing away anything in my house has no been verboten.  I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in old drinking straws, plastic cups and (ugh!) used dental floss in no time at all!

And other than that– a lot of folks have asked me this, so I’ll put it out there:  Yes, I am going to GRL this year, without my Mary, but with my Ariel and Andrew and ZAM and I think a few other folks who will help me not be lost without my Mary.  And maybe Galad will get to come visit me in Albuquerque, which I’m probably going to say about six-thousand times between now and October, a’la Bugs Bunny.

Oh yeah.  This picture.  This is Squishie– note the sash, sword, and concern for the poor victim of the vicious beast.  She wants to be Brave.  I think she already is!

So thems the news mostly.  Oh yeah– that, and I picked up some yarn while in San Diego– SHOCKER. Actually, the big shocker is that it’s lace weight… but non-shocker is that these colors called to me like shameless hussies, and I fondled them until we all purred.

Oh– and the alpaca is just for fun!

0 thoughts on “There’s home and then there’s “Ah, home!””

  1. Those are awesome colors!

    Yes, I thought Brave looks wonderful. I'll have to go see it, before Squish does. Just to make sure it's safe…

  2. roxie says:

    Toad croakers? You don't need no fancy contraption. Just whack 'em with a stick and they croak dead right away.

    I want to be a spider on the wall when Zoomboy announces in the middle of the supermarket, "My duck quacker's broke." Duck crackers? What are duck crackers? Quackers? Is it a new snack? And what is that child doing with that old straw?

    Squish the hero! I love your family.

    If mate really loves a looser, tell him he can always adopt the Portland Blazers.

    The yarn is awe-freaking-some!

  3. Galad says:

    Love the yarn! October in Albuquerque might be fun 🙂

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