There’s No Place Like Home

And people were happy to see me.

Even the furry ones.

Chicken is trying to come to terms with the idea of a “va-cay-tion”– because it’s a foreign concept.

Zoomboy is packing for Europe and getting ready for the dance recital.

Squish is getting ready for the dance recital and looking forward to having her big sister here.

Big T enjoyed family time tonight, as evidenced by the six contributions to the @Midnight’s #hashtagwars.  (They give the prompt, and I ask everybody in the family for their input, then I tweet each attempt.  Sometimes, we’re AWESOMELY funny, and sometimes, we’re just so-so– I think Mate had the best one tonight, but Zoomboy has been a front runner a couple of times.)

Mate is making plans to come with me to New York, dependent on me calling New York sometime tomorrow.

And I am catching up on an editing job that is, per usual late.

But hey– at least the dog loves me.

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