They Might Not Suck

Okay– that’s just a preliminary assessment. I’ve been spending the last day in narcissism land, where I keep checking the media to see if anybody liked Promise Rock. That’s both the wonder and the terror of the e-book, right? Instant gratification and instant feedback. *shudder*

Yeah. Scares the rabbit raisins out of me too! (That didn’t stop my family and I from laughing uproariously at an SNL sketch where Sigourney Weaver was spiralling into the self-involvement of the internet. I took it as a warning and logged off and knit. Much Better. *happy sigh*)

Of course, if my head HAD been getting big (and Roxie, you weren’t helping, saying such nice things about my interview like that!) I would have had today’s embarrassment of the expired ATM card to remind me that I am still a giant dorkfish, and I might as well go swim after some corndogs or something, because even if I make a pile of money to hide my dorkfish self in, I will never be as cool as Robert Downey Jr. was last night at the Golden Globes. (Bastard. And he’s so hot. So. Not. Fair.)

I took the kids out to get hair cuts today–can I just say how proud I am of Chicken? She donated 10 inches of strawberry blonde tresses to cancer patients, and now she looks adorable. She won’t appreciate it, either. Did any of us think we were beautiful in high school? But she is, and she did a good thing, and now she can sleep in a whole two minutes in the morning, because it’s not like either of us spend a whole lot of time on our hair anyway.

Zoomboy and Squish look pretty damned good as well.

So, today is contest day– I promised. I have to offer, one hard copy of Rampant–as soon as it gets here, and that might be a couple of weeks, one .pdf copy of Keeping Promise Rock–deliverable as soon as the contest is over, and one skein of the sockyarn of your choice–we’ll hash out which part of my stash you’ll be getting when I pick out the winner. In order to win, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me the one day of the year it should be all about you–and why.

My day was today–I’m so relieved it’s over–and it was all about me because I wrote two (actually more) full length novels and a novella in a year, and I may have allowed myself to not have to work full time by making a profession out of an activity I really really love. I bought myself some yarn on Saturday, and if my ATM card had been working at all, I would have bought myself some more Jasmine Vanilla bath soap from Bath & Bodyworks, because it’s really turning me on.

So tell me about the one day of year that should be all about you, and don’t forget to mention which prize you want. I look forward to your answers!

P.S. To answer this question, which has been asked more than once, yes. I am working on a sequel to Keeping Promise Rock–it tells Shane and Mikhail’s story, and it’s called Making Promises. So far, people are so in love with Shane and Mikhail, they’re almost eclipsing Deacon and Crick. But not quite.

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  1. My copy of Rampant shipped from Amazon today… but it's coming from Nashville, TN, and it won't arrive until the 25th!

  2. Haylo says:

    The one day a year it should be all about me is my birthday. I don't have a huge reason other than the fact that I take care of everyone else all year long! I have no kids of my own but you'd never know it based on how much of my time and money is spent on kids. I am also the family planner. Basically if anyone in our family is embarking on anything at all, I plan it out. So the one day (actually weekend preceding or following) I spend on myself is Feb. 8th. I like to go out of town somewhere where there's room service and slot machines. It's my one vice that I indulge about 3 times a year.

    As far as a prize, I already have KPR and Rampant is in the mail. I'd like a knitting project if that's an option.

    P.S. Someone please leave a review for Rampant. I want to but I hate being the first review!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Amy! Okay, you've pulled me out of blog stalking mode and into participation mode with the chance of winning a hard copy of Rampant– I've been waiting on the Kindle edition, but I have all the others in hard copy and wouldn't they look purty all in a row? The one day of the year it should be all about me is March 13th, because that's my birthday and I'm the mom of four little boys under seven who hog the attention most of the time and my husband, while sweet, is not big on holidays and anniversaries and frequently forgets to get me anything. I don't take it personally, but considering that day is smooshed in between a billion other birthdays in the family AND my wedding anniversary, it would be nice to be singled out for celebration. Wish I could come up with another day that would be good, but I'm drawing a blank– oh, and 13 is my favorite number. Good luck on the reviews; they will NOT suck as nothing you've ever written has sucked and you are one of my favorite authors. I really hope you can become a professional writer, you truly deserve it.

  4. DecRainK says:

    This is for either book (though I'm leaning toward Rampant)

    The one day a year that should be all about me is oddly enough not my birthday. Rather it is the day each year that is the first day after my high school district AND my college (credential classes) are out for summer vacation each year. This means that classes and finals and papers and WORK are over because school is out for the summer. This is the one day after BOTH are done and I realize I have a summer of freedom and I expect all my friends to help me relax and to give me mad props for NOT killing all the lovely little children I am in charge of each day or for hurting my teachers. :0) lol
    That day is the day each year I sit down and read as many books as I can get my hands on b/c I know I dont have to worry about any other obligations.

  5. Zahra Owens says:

    I'd feel uncomfortable having a day all about me. Even my birthday, although I still keep a vacation day for it. I'm just not that person. I prefer to blend into the background, prefer to work backstage instead of standing near the footlights, bathing in the glow, although I've done that too, and enjoyed it, I might add. If given a choice, I wouldn't want a day.
    Then again, I wouldn't say no to being girl-of-the-day every day to just one person.
    Anyone ever tell you I'm a little manipulative and I like things to go my way? So of course I answer this question in my own way as well. Sorry about that.
    I'll take the yarn 😉
    Or the hard copy, since I already have the eBook.

  6. Louiz says:

    Mmm, My birthday I think – because it's exactly 14 days after my little girl's birthday and it usually gets totally eclipsed. I'd like Rampant:)

  7. Chris says:

    Congrats on your dual release day!

    The one day of the year that should be all about me would be my birthday (mid November). It should always be a paid holiday for me. 🙂

    I would love to win a copy of Keeping Promise Rock!

  8. Unknown says:

    I’m another lurker turned commenter for the chance at getting a hardcopy of Rampant. I’ve already ordered on amazon, but I figure I can give that copy to my mom and maybe she’ll give return my copy of Wounded that she’s been holding hostage for the past few months. And yes my mother really loves your books too! She saw my copy of Vulnerable and thought it sounded interesting (of course she sooooo did not know about the unique relationships in the book). Having the TALK with kids might be difficult, try explaining Cory/Adrian/Green to your Mom! She loved the book (almost as much as me) and somehow managed to ‘borrow’ the rest of series.

    What day would be all-about me? My first answer would be every day, but that seems a bit self-centered and all that attention might become annoying after awhile. So, I would choose August 13. It’s not my birthday, or a holiday…just a random day in the middle of a normally quiet month. Besides I think it would be kind of wonderful having a whole day about me no other reason than I’m me.

    Congrats on Rampant and KPR, I’m sure they rock because you’re a brilliant author and everything I’ve read of yours has left me wanting more!!!!!

  9. Donna Lee says:

    Of course they won't suck. You couldn't suck if you tried (I even liked the short story about the mom/daughter in the laundramat…..)

    As for a day where it's all about me. Hmmm, I'd like it to be in mid March because it's a long slog through the winter without any real holidays and I'd like one then.
    Justifying it is another thing. I could say I deserve it because I am a social worker who spends her days taking care of other people and it's nice to be taken care of but I get paid to do that. How about just because EVERYONE should have a day? Just for being human and getting out of bed each morning and taking care of business.

    And, btw? You sounded so smart and sassy and intelligent and clever and wonderful in your interview!

  10. jsquilter says:

    Since I've enjoyed your books to date, I can't imagine that the new ones would suck! I just bought your new ebook from DSP so I'll probably go for Rampant or the yarn. As for the day all about me, I think it should be every day! LOL My teen-aged daughter obviously thinks it's all about her for some reason. Why can't I have the same? Seriously, I guess it would have to be my birthday, 3/19, since that's my favorite day in March and it's right on the cusp of spring (hopefully). Although, I reached into my jacket that I haven't work in almost a year and found my birthday check from my husband from last March! It's enough with my Xmas check to upgrade my Kindle… yesterday was a great day! LOL

  11. roxie says:

    Maarch the fourth should be all about me because that's my birthday and the entire universe should celebrate my advent. There should be fireworks at midnight and cookies for breakfast, dancing in the streets, and necking in the parlors, local parades with kids on crepe-paper decorated bicycles, and an entire line of Hallmark cards that people buy and send to one another to celebrate my birthday. I want Rampant. How are you gonna pick a winner?

  12. December 21st. I loathe winter and on the Solistice I know the days are getting longer. It may be only a minute, but spring and colors are coming I just need to wait.

  13. cosmonaut says:

    This isn't to enter the contest. Just wanted to comment on the P.S. part of the post. I'm very excited to hear that Shane and Mikhail will be getting a story of their own. Loved Shane's "Your the nicest family I've met here," heartstring's were definitely being pulled. So, I know your busy with family, work, and writing, but any chance Jeff will eventually get his own story? Really liked Jeff.

  14. So the one day it should be all about me is May 13th 2010 because that is the day I will graduate from nursing school provided I don't fail this semester like an idiot which is still possible. I figure after two years of grueling work, no social life, and weekly panic attacks that I deserve a day. And I want a copy of Rampant if I win! I probably won't be able to read it until after may 13th….but it will be reassuring to know that it is there.

  15. ikkinlala says:

    The day that should be all about me is December 6th. It's my name day in Finnish tradition (my mom's side of the family is Finnish), and although we don't celebrate name days in my family it would give me a convenient excuse to take some time for myself right before the stress of the holiday season. It would work better than my birthday (in March) because on my birthday I'd rather celebrate spring.

    I'd like to enter for the sock yarn, please.

  16. I'm sure my birthday should be all about me, but it's just after Christmas and New Year, so I'm usually bored of celebrating by then. Can I have my half-birthday instead? July 6th.

  17. NeedleTart says:

    The day that should be all about ME is June 15. That's usually right after school lets out and after (hmm,let me think) 16 years of teaching (not including Sunday School, then we're up to 20 years) I have never ended the day with fewer students than I started with (except for that one time…..but I swear it wasn't my fault). Also, the administrators at my present school are all still breathing. Any one with that much restraint deserves a day to knit and read good books.

  18. GrillTech says:

    I'm gonna have to be greedy and pick a day just for me. It would be Labor day as that is the big bbq contest that our team participates in.. I wanna at least place with my brisket this year.

  19. etrich says:

    The day that should be all about me would have to be June 21! June is warm but not to hot, school is out, and the sun is out for the greatest length of time. This is very important because I want to celebrate all my life's accomplishments with my family while still having time left in the day to sit on the front patio and read.

    I would love a hard copy of Rampant!

    Currently reading KPR and loving it!

  20. ismarah says:

    I'd like to donate my day to someone else as I am very fortunate in my life (touch wood), healthy, happy and well cared for.

    And if we're in the comparing shipping dates game – I ordered Rampant the day it came out on Amazon – but I expect to receive it in March…

    Sadly, as I read rather fast, I'll then have to wait ages for the next time Amy finishes something. Boo.

  21. Galad says:

    I have started my copy of Rampant. Please do not disturb me until I finish reading and post a review on Amazon 🙂

    The one day of the year it should be all about me is January 11 because that is the day I really had to choose a new path for my life.

    I'd have to go with Rampant for my daughter since I already have mine though the yarn is very tempting.

  22. Kat Fish says:

    Can tomorrow be my day? lol I'm exhausted and want to sleep and read and rest and relax and renew and recharge and reboot etc. Just got back from a whirlwind work trip to the East Coast and am now back to Mountain time- body clock is MESSED up. And I just got Rampant today and really want to stay up and read till it's done- but real life interupts and I have to work (well as an old boss used to remind me- I GET to work)…
    Anyway- any "tomorrow" would really be good- something to look forward to right?
    Kat Fish

  23. July. The entire month should be about me 😛 but I'll take a day.

    I teach. I think that's enough said, don't you?

    Oh, you don't? hmm…well, I work very hard, and I work 7 days a week. Last year was the first year that I took multiple weeks off.

    Then again, I might not deserve to win because I genuinely like my job and all but one of my students really appreciate me.

  24. Robin says:

    I am so sorry I had never heard of you before, but I just finished Promise Rock all in one sitting, with a box of tissues on my lap! It most definitely did not suck! I will be eagerly awaiting the sequels, and in the meantime checking out your other series. I read voraciously – 5-10 books per week, and I am happy to add you to my favorite authors list!

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