Things I have left…

*  My sunglasses in a hotel room in Daytona

*  My rack cards in an airport in Atlanta

* My earrings. Everywhere.

*  My water bottles. Everywhere.

* My earbuds. God knows.

* Laxatives in at least four hotels and counting.

* An entire bottle of Advil in a Cafe aGoGo in Las Vegas.

* My event bags in my older kids’ house because they stole them.

* My sense of humor at that last airport.

* My sense of purpose in the last day of the con.

* My diet in the restaurant with the A+ rib eye.

* My resolve not to drink wine in that glass of Riesling.

* My common sense in the hotel store when thinking about my kids.

* My charm at the dinner table when I break out the phone and start showing off pictures of the dogs

* My dignity when talking about turtle peen in front of a very amused Lyft driver.

* My heart, back in Sacramento, where I’m going back to find it again.

Orlando RWA2017 it’s been wonderful–but I need to go home.

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