Things I’d show you if I could hook the camera up to this computer:

1. More naked babies in the pool. YOu can’t get enough of that.

2. The partially completed back of the sweater I cast on for the Cave Troll. I’m so proud of this unlikely set of colors that I can’t live with myself.

3. The purple tulips that Mate got me for our anniversary…18 years and counting…

4. The i-Pod that I didn’t really surprise him with even though the way I could afford it w/the computer repairs really was sort of a surprise. (It is a long story, and so convoluted that words actually fail me. Let’s just say it involves a large loan to a horse farm and Crazy Friend Wendy acting as the father’s day/anniversary fairy, along with the bad placement of a gift bag waiting to be filled. See… if you guys can put all that together you’re better at this than I am.)

5. The gift certificate to the yarn store that I can’t find right now and it’s killing me.

6. A tape of Ladybug ‘talking’–too cute. Seriously…I want to tape it and play it back when I’m old.

7. My lap-top, languishing without a keyboard. (*sob*)

8. Big T, because he’s been a great kid:-)

9. My husband, cracking up over the Yarn Harlot’s post last week, because it proves that she’s as bad at math as I am, and he’s wondering now if it’s a knitting thing. (Ironic, considering how much most of us need to use math to knit…)

10. A couple of house-monkeys running around in diapers because they keep running out to the pool and back in (with supervision, of course–‘kids outside!’ is our new summer warcry!), and we just get plain tired of putting real clothes on them.

11. My proud face as I look at my three new reviews–one on each book. You might also see how large my head has gotten…seriously…it’s not like my family can stand in front of the tv as children anyway, it’s getting out of hand. (Props go out to Roxie for two of the new reviews…thank you darling, you totally rock!)

Also, Sora, Donna Lee–so glad to hear from you both! Sora, you’ll enjoy this: I talked to the guy in Texas who’s going to feature me for next month’s book club–he’s going to get me (hyuk, get this!) an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of Sunny’s book…and he’s going to ask her if she got her idea from me… I’m just a mess of trippy giggles about this whole thing, really I am…


0 thoughts on “Things I’d show you if I could hook the camera up to this computer:”

  1. roxie says:

    Well, save those photos. I always love shots of naked babies, and diaper-clad monkeies running around the house. And your proud and happy face ? Let’s see more of that!

  2. Netter says:

    My kid won’t wear just a diaper.

  3. Amy Lane says:

    (It drives Mate nuts…he hates it when people come over and we’ve got housemonkies in diapers…he says that it’s the final nail in the white trash coffin…but he gives up on the dressing too so he can’t complain…)

  4. Bells says:

    Oh tulips. Mate has taste and style. 18 years. Well done.

    when you get that camera plugged in Amy – you know what to do!

  5. Purple tulips?! Those sound great. Congrats on 18 years.

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