Things Mate Believes In That Make Me Believe In Him

* That our children can do anything.

* That the Timothy Zahn post-Star Wars trilogy was REALLY GOOD.

* That science fiction and fantasy are good for growing minds and bodies.

* That my books will someday be super-successful.

* That he’d rather be happy than rich.

* That he’d rather work hard than be dirt poor.

* That a softball game once a week is good for the soul.

* That I’m right 90% of the time I think I’m right.

* That I’m right 50% of the time I think I’m wrong.

* That the rest can be forgiven for the sake of humanity.

* That sex with someone you know and care for can be a lot of fun.

* That sex with someone you don’t know or don’t care for is probably uncomfortable, awkward, and weird.

* That he’s having so much fun with that first sex option that he has no interest in trying the second one.

* And besides, he believes I’M actually hot MILF on the hoof, so why bother.

* He believes that our sons are smart.

* That our daughters are strong.

* That all of them are good.

* And all of them are beautiful.

* He thinks that making it to soccer games, karate lessons, orthodontist appointments, dance recitals, and gymnastics are important parts of being a parent.

* But not as important as ditching all of the above when homework is at stake.

* He believes there’s a higher power in the universe.

* But he’s not all that convinced that She’s particularly interested in our everyday comings and goings.

* He likes it that way.

* He believes the first Star Wars trilogy was unbeatable.

* But the second was important to the storyline.

* He believes that I’m not wrong–Anakin and Obi Wan actually DO have more chemistry than Anakin and Amadala.

* He doesn’t hold it against me that I put that thought in his head.

* He believes that bringing dinner to him while he’s playing WOW qualifies me for sainthood.

* So does changing a diaper when he’s having a WoW event.

* And that tuna salad the way I make it is the food of the gods.

* He believes a big house should have a dog.

* That chaos is better than quiet.

* That our children have a better childhood together than he did as an only child.

* That the quality of their childhood is important.

* That everything I knit is ‘cool’.

* That I’m brilliant when I make cables and sweaters that fit.

* That yarn is worth the money. (Although maybe not so much of either would help us a lot.)

* That my LYS is a haven.

* That my friends are important.

* That his friends are important.

* That dinner at my parent’s house is a treat.

* He believes that tickling is fun.

* That toy lightsabers are cool.

* That watching a movie a thousand times just helps you get to know it better.

* That movies are literature too.

* He also thinks I’m smart, even though my eyes glaze over at certain things.

* He thinks I do this on purpose (I don’t) but he forgives me anyway.

* My husband believes in integrity, in kindness, in family, and childhood.

* He believes in love and hard work and in love.

* He believes in me.

(Luv U, Mate–even when it’s not our birthdays or Christmas.)

0 thoughts on “Things Mate Believes In That Make Me Believe In Him”

  1. Louiz says:

    He sounds like a one in a million, does he read the blog? He should definintely read that bit…

  2. roxie says:

    Yayyyy!!!! Give him a big kiss on the nose and tell him he’s lucky to have you!

  3. Bunny Queen says:

    *sniffle* I’d say I want one like him, but I’m marrying my own version of wonderful in 15 days! It’s very cool that you are able to recognize what you have and able to share it with the world (and presumably the DH). Congrats to you both. 🙂

  4. What a good Mate.

    What does MILF mean?

  5. Galad says:

    He sounds like a good man even if he is a Kings fan 🙂

    What a nice tribute for no special reason!

  6. Donna Lee says:

    Finding someone who you can appreciate for his/her goodness and who appreciates you back is a rare gift. I have a husband like that and it’s worth more than all the money in the world. He tells me that we’re rich where it counts and I believe him.

  7. Bells says:

    He rocks. But we knew that already.

  8. TinkingBell says:

    Great post – and a great Mate, mate! I’d say he was a keeper – definitely don’t trade him in on a couple of 20ish year olds!

    Go MILFs!

  9. JenB says:

    Awww, this is sweet. I like this post. 🙂

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