Things That Are Broken

* My bathroom–don’t ask about the floor, don’t ask about the plumbing, don’t ask about the sink. And don’t ask how badly I wanted to hide when the heat and air guy needed to use it this morning.

* My house–Chicken brought her charge here so she could “borrow my dogs” and play with them in the park. He commented on the mess, commented on the smell of dog, and commented on how icky everything was, before he took my dog and left. Yes, he was seven, but I think he broke my indifference to other people’s opinion.

*  My day–To start with, the heating and air guy got here at 7:45, when I was STILL ASLEEP. And then proceeded to wreak havoc on my entire morning. And then Chicken was coming and going with this kid who didn’t like my house, and stealing my dogs and needing laundry and basically my schedule was shot.

*  My dog–Chicken took the dogs out to the center of the park. Usually, I take them in a big loop–we walk this most every day. She wanted the dogs to play so she took them off their leashes. Geoffie rolled around happily, did the dog thing, and looked at them with limpid eyes– what’s next?   Johnnie trotted to the walkway and started to do the loop.

You heard me. My dog FORGOT HOW TO DOG.

He doesn’t know how to do anything in the park besides WALK THE LOOP.

You all, I broke my dog.

*hangs head* My job here is done–I’m going to bed.

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