Things that happen when you’ve been away…

*  The little kids have to kiss you six times every time the walk by

*  The grown son has to talk for at least a half an hour, every day

*  The dogs get WAY too excited when you come home from things like a trip to the gym


*  The laundry has mated and reproduced on your floor

* The groceries have been ravaged by wild wildebeests

*  The work on your computer that you thought could wait has now had kittens and they all need to be fed.

*  The laundry spawn chases you down the hall because mating and reproducing isn’t enough

*  Your bestie reaches out tentative electronic fingers, like the cat, to pat your face and make sure you are back where you belong

*  Your mate can’t let you walk through the door without a touch, a kiss, a hello

*  Work just seems to need to wait one more day while you soothe whiskers, touch paws, beat laundry, and generally reacquaint yourself with all corners of your world.

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