Things that happen on the Thursday after a con–

*  My shit usually arrives via post. Huzzah! The kids get presents!

*  I have to remind my husband–yet again– that if he forces me into the social whirlwind, I will hate everybody, including him.  Especially him.

*  Yes, Francine, you still have to cook.

*  Because if you don’t, your entire family will sit and stare at the television and wonder why no food go, and then cook pizza bites in the microwave at nine at night because that’s quick.

*  SOMEBODY inevitably has a doctor’s appointment/vet appointment/dentist appointment. Never fuckin’ fails.

*  I have a surprise blog post/FB appearance/Twitter takeover scheduled. Surprise!

*  I recognize the need to go grocery shopping when I do not yet have the wherewithal to pick out clean underwear that fits.

*  I forget that I got all ambitious the day before and started laundry.

*  I pray for rain so I don’t have to go into aqua tomorrow, and yet I might not feel like a many-hundred-pound banana slug, leaving a trail of slime around the house.

*  I hope that yes, I can jump back into the editing/writing/promoting groove, because I ALWAYS have a deadline.

*  I eat too much.  Don’t ask me why.

*  And here’s the kicker– I get sick. Bronchitis, fever, stomach bug– something. Always hits the Thursday after I get home.

*  Happy Thursday!

*  Now everybody join me and pray for rain!

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