Timesuck Thursday

Okay.  You all have this friend.  Perhaps somedays you ARE this friend. (I know I am!) Somedays, ALL of your friends are this friend.

The friend with the “OMG–READ THIS!” or, “Oh crap– watch this video!”  The friend with the, “Have you SEEN this show?!!”  or the, “Oh sweet jebus, you MUST read/see/watch/do/fondle/own/tweet/retweet/facebook/link to/rubyournakedskinagainst THIS!”

You KNOW that friend.

The reigning King/Queen of the timesuck.

I am discovering that I know a lOT of these people.  Hell, two posts ago, when I was posting about things that made me happy, I had most of those pictures in my files thanks to them.  I love them all.  I have become them.  I dodge out of writing for a nanosecond, and I spend twelve to thirty minutes in a land I had completely not anticipated.  Sometimes I’m informed or outraged, but most of the time?  I’m amused and entertained.  And then VERY much of the time, I’m behind!

Now I’m not here to judge you if you do this.  I certainly have no plans to reform myself, much less other people.  I’m just in the mood to quantify the timesucks that seem to be thrown my way.  Because it’s fun, that’s why, and I’m behind, and it’s time to blog, and after spending a half an hour giggling over THIS FANFIC that Mary sent me, I figure it’s time to put a name to where’dallthetimego!

So here, in random order, are things I obsess about, and that people obsess about sending ME, and that I enjoy the hell out of, even when I’m supposed to be doing something else.

*  Wincest videos– THIS ONE HERE is my favorite right now. And this one.  And this one too.  But some of you know this about me.  And I’ve infected YOU with this sickness.

*  LOL cats– can’t get enough of them!

*  Tasteful art pictures of pretty men– drawn is best, real is fine, no peen, penetration, or general raunch, sweetness preferred.  (There is a one person exception to this rule.  She knows who she is.)

*  Alpacas– this one isn’t my fault.  I published that story about the alpaca rancher/yarn mill owner, and suddenly people are sending them to me.  Real ones, ones in pictures… it’s really sort of damned cool.

*  Animals wearing clothes.  This include chickens in capes and cats in gawdawful ugly hats.  I’m pretty sure it’s a direct result of the whole knitting series thing, and I’m fine with that.

*  Public typos.  Man, I can NOT get enough of that shit!

*  Fanfic– Avengers, Johnlock, Wincest, and now, (THANK you, Mary!) Teenwolf.

*  To die for little adorable baby animals.  Rhys, this is you.

*  TED videos.  Thank you, Mate, for making me look not totally trivial!

*  Left-wing propaganda vids.  Thank you, Huffington Post, for keeping it COMPLETELY unbalanced, since, well, we know I like it that way. No. I’m not posting any.  I’m trying to pretend politics don’t exist atm.

*  Felicia Day videos that seem particularly relevant to me.  Thank God I adore her– and her ten-minute you-tube show is HYSTERICAL.

*  Yarn I want to possess, in a totally non-platonic fashion.  This one is my fault.  I’ve sent a lot of my non-knitting friends the link to the Loopy Ewe, and suddenly they’re like, “I want to roll in this color like a naked dragon in a field of wild flowers and medicinal dragon marijuana!”  And I’m like, “Yeah, I can totally see that!”

*  TJ and Amal— it’s my only webcomic, and since I hunger and yearn for it, I think it’s best I stay that way.

*  Snarky signs and post its and notepads.  I blame Ashlyn for this link here.

And that’s not even the half of it.

And yeah, no sign of going cold turkey any time soon.

But I do have a suggestion for, you know, containing the madness– and that’s sort of why I made this post.  See, I figure, if I’m known for a couple of things, then that’s what I’m going to get.  So I keep to myself my yen for dragons, Arthur Rackham, impressionist art, Romantic poetry, repressed Victorian poetry, Walt Whitman, Lord Byron, and Ben Franklin references to bisexuality,  teddy bears, Nathan Fillion, sexy pictures of food, and baby blanket patterns.  I figure that what people aren’t sending me is time I have to do real work!

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    Somehow I pegged you for a Girl Genius fan as well. Not that I would add to the time suck but if I only got to read one webcomic (and I read 5), I'd choose this one for the romance/fights/clothes/machines and the artwork which is superb.

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