Tiny Convos…

Short post tonight–my newsletter is up on Patreon for the public– come look!  

It’s been me and the kids this week, and some of it has been blargh but most of it has been us–and we’ve had a little bit of fun. Sometimes–whether it’s at home or out and about, it’s the tiny convos that keep us going throughout the day.

Little-old-lady-at-the-pool: Oh, I love vegetables–everything but Brussels sprouts.

Me: I LOVE Brussels sprouts!

LOLatP: Oh no! No no no!

Me: Well, with butter.


* * *
Me, tonight, after I’d about finished my newsletter: (Posted on FB): Just realized my first five releases this year are Silent Heart, Shades of Henry, Slow Pitch, Shortbread and Shadows, and Safe Heart. So the year 2020 has been brought to Amy by the letter “S”, the number “5”, and the portmanteau “headdesk”

* * *

ZoomBoy *with full urgency*: Mom! Mom!
Me: What?
ZoomBoy: The domain “p*nis.c*m” is for sale for 2 million dollars!
Me: …
ZoomBoy: We have to save up!
Me: …

* * *

Me: Squish! You didn’t wash the insta pot when you did the dishes!

Squish: You didn’t ask me to.

Me: I did too! I said it specifically.

Squish: Did not. You’re making that up.

Me: Just because you say it, doesn’t mean that’s true! I TOLD YOU!

Squish: Hearsay. Your word against mine. I was just sitting here, your honor, doing the dishes…

Me: …  You can’t testify at a murder trial where you’re the victim.

Squish: Fine. Next time.

*  *  *

Mate (over Skype), looking at bank statements: So, I see you went to the yarn store…

Me: Well, uh, yeah. Sorry.

Mate: Well, I was going to get you some yarn from Vermont, but why would I get you yarn when you already have some?

Me: I’m sorry, what was that?

Mate: Why would I get you yarn when you already have some?

Me: I don’t understand.

Mate: Why. Would. I. Get. You. Yarn–

Me: No, no, I understand you’re saying the same words, I just don’t get what they mean!

* * *

Mate  (over Skype again): Well I was going to get you yarn, but it turns out all the yarn stores in Vermont are closed on Tuesday.

Me: Seriously?

Mate: I’m serious! I don’t know why Tuesday was their day off, but it was!

Me: That’s a likely story. When do you have to be at the airport tomorrow?

Mate: 12:30.

Me: See? You have plenty of time!

Mate: I need to see my dad first! (Please remember, this was the entire reason for the trip–his dad is still not doing well, but there’s neither improvement nor deterioration so Mate is coming home.)

Me: Well fine. If you’re going to make THAT a priority.

Mate: I’ll give him your love.

Me: Sure. YOu’ll give everybody your love, but do I get any yarn?

* * *

And finit. But I do have to say– no blog  tomorrow, because my baby’s  coming home tomorrow night, and I can’t wait to see him.

He’s coming home <3 span="">

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