Okay– we’re all tired and sad, but I’ve seen us trying to cheer each other up too.

I’ve got a couple of links here that helped me stop sobbing this morning. (I am not kidding about this–I now have that sort of headachy insomnia that comes from being in tears or on the brink of tears for more than 24 hours. If you’re a fellow sufferer, I’m so sorry.)

But like I said– these gave me hope:

Literary Comics


The Letter Aaron Sorkin Wrote

These Four Women

The Story of the Founder of Star Trek

This Song About Fighting the Good Fight

And a conversation with my friend Ambrosia, because even though she was just as sad as I was, I texted her out of the blue and it ended up in a chance to see her and talk.

Get some sleep, all. Hug your family. We still have work to do in the morning.


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