Today’s accomplishments…

Today’s Accomplishments:

* Walked the assholes…erm dogs.

* Went grocery shopping.

* Made beans.

*  Am about to make word count.

* Answered a shitton of e-mails.

* Napped. So gloriously. It was a GLORIOUS nap.

Today’s failures:

* Need to answer more e-mails.

*  Ate chocolate that I shouldn’t have bought at the grocery story.

*  Have moar e-mails to answer.


* Also– I think I forgot to eat dinner. (This is a first.)

Today’s observations:

* The guest dog is really frickin’ attached to his little dead raccoon doll. I mean… really. We should have an announcement any day now.

* It doesn’t matter which direction I walk in, or how far out of my way I walk. That woman with the two kids and the stroller and the BIG HIGH STRUNG WOOF who has a hard-on for Geoffie– that Geoffie returns with gusto– is ALWAYS twenty feet in front of me.

* In the little lending library in the park, I’ve been putting extra copies of some of my books, and then checking to see if they’ve been borrowed. Yes, yes they have. And not returned yet. All those self-help Christian books, though– they’re in that box forever.

Midnight Goals:

* Write more of the goddamned book

* Try not to eat an entire bag of potato chips and call it dinner

* Remember to turn off beans

Night all! 

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