Today’s Recap

Big Accomplishment: Working out and having five minutes of lunch with Mate

After School Chore: Taking Squish to dance class. For once, getting there early.

Big surprise: I have a head cold, and could literally sit for hours, knit, and catch up to SPN. (Btw, I’m still a few eps behind. Nobody spoil it for me, kk?)

Most grown-up thing I did: Tell Mate I couldn’t go to the concert he’s presently attending, because thousands of people is too big for me right now.

Most juvenile thing I did today: bought a Starbuck’s sugar cookie and ate the whole thing

Best thing I did professionally: Started back on Winter Ball again.

Worst thing I did professionally: Fought the urge to break into an FB conversation. Someone tagged me (which shows up in my mailbox–it’s how I know to go to FB and tell people thank you if they’ve said something nice) while bagging on me as a writer. Bad. Fucking. Form. I bravely ignored her but the fact that I was tempted to reply means I’m not as grownup as I should be.

REALLY the worst thing I did professionally: Mention the FB tagging thing in public at all. I’m a little sick– forgive me.

Best thing I did as a parent: Remembered to make my son’s appointment for his meds.

Worst thing I did as a parent: Forgot I needed to make his TDAP appointment too.

Most unexpected thing: Friend is having a cancer scare– did not expect that.

Most expected thing: Noodle night! Hurray for not cooking!

Pleasantest surprise: Reading Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca is reminding me what it was like to read romance as a teenager again. I used to love Mary Stewart and Phyllis A. Whitney– Rebecca was like their godmother–came first and magically blessed.

Unpleasantest surprise: Just because you dodge out of the way to let an ambulance through does not mean people let you back in. Fuckheads.

Promo I almost forgot:  I’m taking over the Keith Milano Facebook Event tomorrow at 1p.m. PST (or 4 p.m. EST) I’ll try to have some giveaways (although swag is sort of thin on the ground right now– all given away for RT!) and something fun to talk about. (Right now I’ve got the beauty of Sudafed, which I would like to experience.) Look for me HERE at 1 p.m..

Thing I’d like to do before I fall asleep: Write– it’s supposed to be my principle occupation, you know.

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  1. Okay,it's four in morning, so this will be short and hysterical. (1) Hope you're sleeping. (2) Sorry about your friend,hope the scare is just that and nothing more. (3) screw the hater, you're awesome, she can go read James Patterson, that will kill the b-word (4) go sit your butt down (fine,take your knitting) and catch up on Supernatural! Are you mental?! Okay,back to bed.Night.

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