Too Much and Not Enough

That’s how I feel about blogging today. Too much to talk about, not enough specific memory to place it all. It’s like the short people keep doing cute stuff and saying cute stuff and I laugh and think “I must blog that” and then it’s gone. Sucks, really–that’s sort of the fun part of the blog, preserving all that shit, but it’s the end of the school year, and my brainfry is less all-inclusive than it is when I’m full time, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t hit hard.

I’m still writing on RAMPANT–I know most of you are like “We know this!” but I just got a flurry (five) of fan-e-mail reminding me that my writing responsibilities do NOT lie in the area of slash fanfic (okay, I’ve been playing in the poop-pile again, I admit it) and I just wanted to assure everyone that Cory and I are still tight and all, and that she is progressing nicely. (Getting close to 600 pages, and I’m feeling like I only have 100 or so to go… it’s sort of a giddy feeling, but I’m getting to that point where I find I put off writing for a day or two because I want to savor the part that’s coming next.)

We had a bizarre thunderstorm last night–there I was, all ready to go for my walk and the sky started lighting up like God’s disco and muttering like a pissed off old man with constipation… I didn’t ask questions, I just stayed inside and enjoyed the smell of rain in the morning. (For the record, California is not really known for it’s summer thunderstorms… can we say Global Warming? I knew we could!) It’s happening again tonight, which is too bad because my nephew is graduating tonight. We were all going to watch him walk across the stage, but they moved it inside and so we can’t. *sigh* Oh well– my folks are having a shindig at their house. It seems like just yesterday that Mr. Z’s dad was serving two weeks worth of detention for cutting class while my sister was in labor–he’s grown into a fine young man, and I’m so proud, but I’m a little pissed too, because it’s not fair for the time to go by that fast. Just ain’t.

I stopped at the store today to get him some baloons and a $$$ card for graduation and Squishy Belle looked at me while I was picking out cards and piddled down her pants, and out the bottom of the shopping cart. I wish someone got me on tape, because there were two really conservative gentlemen on either side of me and I was trying to find a way to say “Bloody ass buggering dick wanking pig fucking hell” without really saying “Ass”, “dick” “fucking” or “hell”. I have no memory of what the results were, but I’m sure it would have boggled linguistics experts the world round.

And that’s about it–I have a final to write and some papers to grade, and some other shit to do… but mostly, I have to stay awake and write. And look forward to the week after next, when Mate and I go to Colorado without short people, because we’ve been married for 20 years and because we can!

Oh yeah–the following piece of weirdness is thanks to a Phineas and Ferb marathon on the Disney Channel. Uhm… don’t ask, really–just let it infest your brainstem:

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  1. ismarah says:

    Forgot to say that June 17th is my mother's birthday as well as Independence Day in Iceland. So I'll definitely remember your 20th anniversary, although I cannot guarantee to be able to get online then to say so.

  2. Louiz says:

    Hey, happy anniversary! Hope it's all good (although I'm sure I'll say it again later).

  3. DecRainK says:

    Wow, sounds like crazy times ahead.
    I love phineas and ferb, caught the marathon (and have no little kids in the house on which to blame the fact that i watch that channel let alone that show) — the Squirrels in my pants song is my fav though,,, along with the one hit wonder. 😛

  4. roxie says:

    Colorado? Are you going to Tahoe? Too cool! Go slow. They skimp on oxygen up there. (Is it passion or oxygen deprivation that makes him pant like that?)

    Happy, happy times to you. Take photos!

    And stay out of that poo-pile!

  5. Julie says:

    God's Disco. Teeheehee.

    Congrats on the twenty years, and the nephew, and having four living children, and all that.

    And yeah, baby, Phineas and Ferb. I'm picky about what the Goob watches – nearly all educational stuff – but I let her watch Phineas and Ferb because I figure it's good for a kid to see what nice, smart kids are supposed to do on summer vacation. If I ever catch her having a beach party in the back yard, complete with ocean, I'll be so proud.

  6. Galad says:

    Wow – twenty years is a long time. You deserve to get away together and celebrate.

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