Took a little nappy pooh…

Woke up and it was Friday!

Seriously– I was WIPED OUT. But I’m back again, and feeling almost human. Let’s see… has anything REALLY big happened in the last four days?

*** This came out. It’s free, it’s short, and it’s definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. But did I mention the free?

Anyway–what else?

*** Chicken commented on how much time I’d been spending at my computer, writing and tending to social media and general business. I told her she was lucky. “Given the circumstances, I could have spent from October to right now sleeping like I was training for an Olympic Sport.”

She sniffed disdainfully. “Oh please. Everyone knows that if that was an actual event, I’d win the gold.”

Can’t argue with her there!

*** The short people have been a combination of annoying and cute. They’re especially proud of themselves right now because Zoomboy has carved a hole in the laundry monster in which to play. I’m not sure if that’s something *I* should be proud of, but, well, he thinks it’s awesomesauce!

***To cement MY gold medal as the worst. housekeeper. ever., I’m proud to announce that we finally threw the dyed Easter Eggs out of the refrigerator. HEY! Don’t judge me. They’re supposed to last for sixty days. OKay, fine. Don’t bring up the math thing either!

***And we took down the 4th of July decorations, too! (Did I mention the don’t judge me thing?)

***I got my contract for Clear Water–and I’m gonna put that cover up again, just because it gives me a happy! And I love Patrick and Whiskey SOOOOO much! They are SO anti–angst. I REALLY needed some anti-angst. And Clear Water seems like it could be the start of a series–it was very ‘Southern Cozy’ except set in NOr Cal.

***Squish is an artist in all mediums– I was seriously impressed by that leaf and stone thing she did at my mom’s house:-)

***Zoomboy is more of a performance artist. Witness ZB as Statue of Liberty;-)

*** And I made some fingerless mitts w/flower embellishments for some friends (waves at E & L:-) and, I’m afraid, one of the mitts is no longer quite as pure as snow. I’m afraid Chicken’s cat MOLESTED IT as it blocked. Fucking cat! (You may recall he did this to some lovely Hermione wool one Christmas Eve. He’s not only a yarn-molester, he’s a REPEAT OFFENDER!)

***And water aerobics continue apace, and so does my conscious effort to become a better me. Or at least the same me, but less of me. Or something:-)

***And Steve has continued her campaign of knocking over any full container on the kitchen table to get attention. I continue my covert plan of fattening her up for Thanksgiving.

***And tomorrow, me, Mate, and the teenagers are going to go see someone perform… I’ll leave you with a hint:

I can’t frickin’ wait! (I’m going to see Harry Potter with Mate on Sunday– that’s sounding like fun too! NO SPOILERS! LALALALALALALALALA!)

0 thoughts on “Took a little nappy pooh…”

  1. roxie says:

    That's ok. Keith Rtchards has lost entire decades with less excuse.

    I think you could give Chicken a run for her money on the olympic sleeping thing. God knows you have the deprivation to make it work!

    way cool Squish art! She rocks!(oh Roxie, leaf the puns alone!)

    Der Zoomster gives excellent Liberty!

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I am so jealous! He makes me laugh hard enough to pee my pants (maybe I shouldn't admit to that)

    Life is just going on. Your small people (who won't be the small people for much longer) look happy and Chicken sounds like your daughter.

    I wish I could say we'd been to the gym lately but we haven't. We have such good intentions but we all know what happens to good intentions.

  3. Michelle says:

    Happy to see the anti-angst coming! YAY…I love ya Amy but sometimes you kill me with all that dark and lovely emoting going on. 🙂 Sometimes a little normal everyday man meets man and falls in love with nobody having HUGE baggage is just what the Dr ordered!

  4. Please tell me he was GLORIOUS!

  5. Louiz says:

    Love Eddie Izzard since I first saw him discoursing on the behaviour of cats. Enjoy:)

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