THanks for the pep-talk, everybody–seriously, you all know I couldn’t do it w/out you!!! But yesterday’s post was a little self-indulgent, so I’m going to ponder the vagaries of traffic for a moment…

Tuesday–Left the house at 7:25, encountered a couple of slow downs and got to work at 8:20. This was a little later than I wanted–I’m planning to have a full prep period this year, so I want to get to work around 8:00. (I have a prep period for 1st period–I don’t see kids until almost 9:00.)

Wednesday–Left the house at 7:15. Encounter two accidents, a downed traffic light and a drive through back-up of epic proportions. Arrive at work at 8:45.

Thursday–Ladybug and Cave Troll NEEEEEEEEED me this morning, are cuddling and clingy and I can’t bear to make them move any faster than absolutely necessary. Leave the house at 7:40, encounter NO TRAFFIC, NO SLOW DOWNS, and NO ACCIDENTS. Arrive at work at 8:20.

Can I just say that Sacratomato traffic sucks ass-scented rocks? Yeah. That’s what I”m saying.

0 thoughts on “Traffic…”

  1. Bells says:

    your curse words are funny, Amy. I found myself describing someone as a prickweenie this evening. I have NEVER used that word!

  2. It takes us twenty minutes to get to work. If I see more then five cars on the road in the mornings, it makes me wonder whats going on.

  3. roxie says:

    Traffic ALWAYS sucks rocks! Around here, the caution is, “Watch out for possums and assholes.”

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