Someone posted the comic on my FB page… and I loved it so much I looked it up on Pinterest and sent it to all my friends.

But I swear, I don’t really do that.


And it’s been sort of a stressful couple of days… week.  Okay, stressful week.  How stressful?  Witness the following conversation:

Mate: Oh look, the school is having a clothing drive!

Me:  HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!! *sob* *wail* *self-destruct*

I’m not even exaggerating… but let’s do put it into context.  I’d just spent the last hour telling him about all the stuff I had to do in the next month. And then he showed me something that would require extra effort to do, that I knew I SHOULD do–i.e., the clothing drive. Now, point of fact, Mate had no expectation that I would participate– he was just impressed with the kids’ school– they’re very proactive.

But what it turned into was I HAVE TO DO ALL THE FUCKING THINGS RIGHT NOW!!!!!

He did not know this.

He thought it was a flier for a clothing drive.  Poor, poor Mate.  Now he is aware.

So this morning, right after I dropped Big T off at the bus stop, Squish, sitting in the back of the car, wrinkled her nose.  “What’s that?” she asked.  We both said, “Zoomboy…”

“What! I didn’t do it! I haven’t farted since this morning!”

“Oh. I guess your older brother left us a parting gift as he left the car.”

You would have thought I’d just delivered Dress to Kill, they laughed so hard.  And the dogs just looked puzzled, because they thought the smell was DELICIOUS, just like the kitty roca they’d been trying to steal all yesterday.  I need rose perfume just writing that. LIke, STAT…

And I shall leave you with this picture of the terrible two. Yes, they’re trouble…

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  1. Unknown says:

    I saw this on someone else's page this morning and laughed and laughed and laughed. It's sooo spot on for some authors.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    "parting gifts" are very common in my family. The menfolk seem to take great pride in what their bodies put forth into the atmosphere.

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