Trust Me-Only the Baby is Innocent.

The cat is a pus-sucking sodomizer of furry cockroach droppings. And I don’t know what he has against this colorway, either! It’s so pretty–just like spring–but once again, the damned cat wasted the first one and then rooted through the bag for the second one. Seriously, folks, it looks like if Captain Stashdive is gonna do his job, he’s gonna have himself some kitty-fritters for breakfast!!! Of course, what the photo DOESN’T capture is the baby, swirling around in circles of yarn-barf, singing to herself like she was mixing a fiber potion. I think she saved that damned cats life, she was so cute.

And on other news? Not quite done with the three socks–but getting there. I might give the first three to a friend who just had a baby (I made him something, but the socks will fit NOW and not in two years) and then make Maya something in a colorway I like better. I might also use some al paca scraps and make a stuffed toy or something. Now that I’m done with the plot synopses, for me, it’s all about the knitting!!!

I made another internet friend via–this one with an extremely colorful and unlikable ex-husband. I told her I’d think about making him a villain–she said that reading his death scene over and over again would be very cathartic. Everybody wins! (Except the ex…there really is no redemption for this guy, trust me!)

And I’m starting to feel another teaser coming on…I’m about 1/2 way through…so I was wondering…who do you want to see in the teaser? (This for folks who have read BMoon I.) Torrant? Aylan? Yarri? New characters? Let me know and I’ll dress up the preview for you–I’m getting VERY excited about BMoon II, can you tell? It’s ALL starting to come together… (said that guy on A-Team before everything went to hell. I remember that line…it was very educational.)

And, (get this, it’s huge), last night? Mate and I WENT OUT. We left the kids with sitters (two very nice girls from my classes) and went to a friend’s party–very nice people, I rarely see them, and it really sucked that the party was a SEND OFF because they’re MOVING!!! But still–adult conversation, people who haven’t heard my stories ad nauseum and who were all set to laugh. (The Naked Cave Troll was a big hit last night…so was the hissing Ladybug!) And new stories to hear! And, (this was the topper!) the hostess knits, and one of her guests crochets…it was like a hidden bonus! The night promised great things as it was–and now I have new fiber-buddies. (In fact, I’m sending one of them an e-mail featuring Ladybug trying to knit, and the other one is getting a bag of brightly colored cotton–she likes the cotton dishcloths but she hasn’t seen the really bright colors yet:-)

And now, the short people are DEMANDING my attention…it’s like I dared to leave their sight or something. Ah, well…for once I got pictures on the most boring blog in history, so I’m good to go!

0 thoughts on “Trust Me-Only the Baby is Innocent.”

  1. Louiz says:

    new characters!

  2. Galad says:

    The never ending challenges of cats and small people! Glad to hear you got a grown-up night out and made some new friends. That certainly helps with maintaining one’s sanity.

    Teaser question – I vote for Torrant but will take whatever I can get 🙂

  3. Bells says:

    Oh what a nice night out! Lucky you two. Personally, I’d never tire of the naked Cave Troll story.

    That cat needs help.

  4. It’s amazing what a night out can do for a person.

    I think you need to teach the kitty to go after prickwennies. It can shred papers and other things.

  5. Catie says:

    I am so glad to hear you had a grown up night and made some fiber friends. And as always, I love hearing about your kids (and cats…).

  6. gemma says:

    Tee Heee photos! That cat is living on borrowed time! Hugs

  7. roxie says:

    A sodomizer of furry cockroach droppings? How does he do that?

    Send me your snarls, your wads, your tangled yarnbarf longing to be neat. I lift my lamp . . . Enough with the mangled misquotes. I yearn to salvage those clots of knots. The colorway IS just lovely!

    And horay, hooray for a real grown-up night out. Did the baby sitters survive?

  8. Donna Lee says:

    My cats leave the yarn itself alone but the love to rub all over my bag. The just leave their hair all over and lay across everything I am trying to knit. It’s a good thing cats are cute.

  9. MadMad says:

    OK, can I just say you have the best opening lines….?!

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