Tuesday–I promise.

Okay– so usually there is Kermit Flail on the first Monday of the month. I have problems though, when it’s a Monday holiday–I’ll be honest.

I hope it’s okay if I make it Tuesday. I should make that a regular rule, right? But anyway– Tuesday it shall be–mostly because I’m pretty sure I can finish this book and finish the edit I’ve been putting off by Tuesday, so working late Monday Night will be a VACATION, and not interrupting the last 5K of what is looking to be a sprint to the deadly finish.

I’m not kidding–I’ve put off two public appearances to get this done–mostly because I’ve got ANOTHER deadline RIGHT on its heels, and it’s a hard deadline and I sort of have to make it. So, I’m locked in deadline hell, and, well, Kermit Flail will get put off until Tuesday, like housework and that diet I’ve been meaning to start for ten years.


This happened today, and I put it on FaceBook but I sort of want it on the blog because that often lasts longer. There’s an addendum to it, because every story has an ending, right?

I am finishing a book today. That is established. But Mate surprised me with some plans to clean out what should be Squish’s room, so she can have her own bed etc. As I related this to Big T, I got pretty ambitious.
“So, like, today you can help Dad clean out Squish’s room, and then we can clean out ZB’s and we can get rid of all their stuff and we can get them regular beds instead of bunk beds and they can paint the walls and have drawers like human beings and we can rip out the carpeting and get them area rugs and it will be a whole home renovation theme for Christmas. Right?”
Mate *stunned* Oh my God.
Me: Yeah, that came out a little more involved than you proposed.
Mate: You just kept going. And going.
Me: Fist bump?
Mate: NO!
Me: No fist bump?
Mate: Who’s going to do all that work?
Me: You. And the kids maybe.
Mate: No fist bump. No. No fist bump.
Me: That’s totally fair.
So, the addendum is that I came home, put in headphones, and wrote 2K, then went down for a nap. When I woke up, Mate and the kids had cleaned furniture out of Squish’s room, and now she’s all excited about cleaning it up and donating stuff to goodwill and making a space for herself.
They all deserve so much more than a fist bump.
But first, I need to finish this GDB! (Thanks, Karen Rose, for the acronym. Goddamned book will remain in my vocabulary until the end of time.)

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