Twas the Night Before School Starting

T’was the night before school starting
And all through the house
All the children were crying–
Or at least sad and morose.

The new shoes were nestled
All snug in their boxes
While mom double checked
For knickers and socks

While the cats in disdain
And the dogs in their need
Wondered, with the kids gone,
Who’s job was to feed!

And Mate with his e-mails
And me with my yarn
Both gave boring lectures
On avoiding school harm.

Don’t bait the mean bullies,
Don’t forget to brush teeth
Be nice to your teachers
And get enough sleep.

Remember your pencils,
Remember your meds,
Write down all your homework
Remember your heads.

Don’t forget your homeroom,
Your schedule, your lunch–
A protein bar for breakfast
The granola kind with crunch.

I’ll get you up early
And help with your hair,
So we can make it to the car
With no need to swear.

I’ll be up when you get ready
I’ll kiss you goodbye
You’re all grown up in high school
You’re ready to fly

Be nice to your brother,
He’s nervous enough
Yeah, I know there’ll be shopping
There’s always more stuff.

But now here it is bedtime
Oh so early at ten
I know you’re excited
Close your eyes in pretend.

And next week when you’re tired
Sleep’ll be real as heck
So Mom and Dad won’t stay up
Til 2 a.m. for the sex!
(Which made us cranky all summer,
And totally sleep-wrecked.)

But for now, close your eyes
Mom and Dad’ll say prayers,
That they’ll see all you’re awesomeness
That we’ll always be there
To wish you luck on the first day
When things are brand new
And give you love on the worst days
When life gets so cruel
And we’ll party on the last day
Cause you’ve survived school.

Night kids–

I hope the next year is wonderful.

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