Two Fun Things…(maybe three…)

I’m feeling much better now–thanks everyone for the good wishes. I think my “evil quotient” thing was funny–I’m pretty sure most days I’m 80% Lust and 60% Gluttony…and most likely to die while being fed bananas and grapes by Paolo the pool boy. Ah…wouldn’t we all…

Okay, I am two buttons away from finishing the baby’s knit dress. It’s gotten rave reviews from my students, who think it’s adorable, including this one great quote from one of my cuter-than-pennies kids that got the trip to the yarn store…

“Can you make it larger Ms. Mac? Please–just put it in one of the scanners…you can do that right? I mean, it would take care of that whole gauge thing, wouldn’t it?”

I love kids sometimes–I was cracking up all day.

The other fun thing was this–I’m throwing requirements to the winds this quarter, and instead of stressing about teaching novels, I’m going to teach poetry–it’ll stretch me a little, it does meet the standards, and, DAMN! would I love to get excited about something. Anyway, I used Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall” as an example of imagery (tomorrow we’re doing Uncle Walt, Song of Myself 33–good reading, that, and new to me!). Anyway, next to “Mending Wall” which opens up with the perennial lines “Something there is that does not love a wall” is a parody of “Mending Wall”. It was written by a teacher from Lakeside California in the mid 90’s, and it’s first line is “Something there is that doesn’t love a test”. I was cracking up–I tried to share it with my Juniors, but they weren’t buying. Too damned bad, because for me, this year, it was literature that saved my soul.

My delicate Ladybug is currently two-fisting her brother’s chicken McNuggets–I’m side-tracking her with a couple of M&M’s (she’s on a strict ration of those–no more face plants in the chocolate bowl) but I do promise that, this weekend, I’ll post pictures of her in her new rainbow dress and the Arwen cardigan… have your diet whipped cream, because it will be enough sugar to send a perfectly healthy woman into insulin shock!

Oh–and one more thing–I don’t have ANY internet at work right now. This means that, whereas before, I could read your blogs at work and come home and comment (and therefore shorten the process) now I’m sneaking all my blogging in late at night at home–don’t be offended if I’m not commenting as often as I usually do, my school is just in the dark ages. Of course, what I really need the computer for is posting my *&^%^&^%T^$#@%^&^E#$%Y&$$ grades. But that’s boring–for all of us–and I don’t want to stress about that any more…

It doesn’t mean I won’t!

0 thoughts on “Two Fun Things…(maybe three…)”

  1. I work for a large corporation, they are the same way. Cut the internet access to the bare bones, can barely get to google on one system. Thankfully, I have another system that has full access. Or I’d have to stab my eyes out with a knitting needle.

    Glad your feeling better!

  2. roxie says:

    Just put the knitting in the scanner. I love it! And teaching poetry? Good on you!

    Lady bugs in the M&M’s sounds like surreal art. I love the vision of her doing a face-plant in the bowl. That’s my kind of girl. Nothing succeeds like excess!

  3. Bells says:

    Face planting in the bowl. Cracks me up. What an image. We needed a photo!

    if I couldn’t read blogs at work I think my head would explode.

  4. Netter says:

    I could use a face plant into a bowl of chocolate. I know it’s only 9:39 EDT, but still, I need it. Maybe just a straight IV.

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