Two things– maybe three

Okay– so thing one:

The kids had a dentist appointment today, and I felt really bad about that.

Seriously– it was their day off–when the receptionist (whom I love) called me yesterday to remind me, the first thing I said was, “Oh my God– I did that? I suck!”

Anyway– I also wanted to work out, and I thought– thought mind you, that I could go to the 12:30 class, get out at 1:30, hot tub until 1:40, shower, and be home by 2:05.  Which would have been a fantastic plan, but the hot tub was so warm and it was around fifty degrees outside, and by the time I padded across the freezing concrete, I was running about 10 minutes late.

And I’d forgotten to be specific about, “You guys need to be dressed with your teeth brushed by two o’clock so all I have to do is shoo you into the car!”

So, I ran into the house at 2:15, shouting, “You have three minutes to be dressed with your teeth brushed and get in the car!”

It took them four.

I was stunned.  But now that I know what they’re capable of, I’m not taking any more excuses for an hour lead time!

We made it to the dentist office at 2:30 exactly. Go kids!

*  *  *

And the second thing…

So, I know it’s not out yet– I don’t even have a buy link yet– but Winter Ball is already getting some awesome attention from high places!

THIS review appeared last week in Publisher’s Weekly,  and although I’d love to see them review something like Chase in Shadow, I think we can take it to mean this book is happy. It’s sweet, and it won’t rip your heart to ribbons, and in that case, it’s a good thing. I mean, dudes– for a Christmas story, the Amy Lane alternative to “sweet wish fulfillment” is something like, Mourning Heaven: The Prequel– the First Christmas Without Michael which sounds like a Christmas laugh riot, right? So I think we can agree that for Amy Lane yellow, this review tells us all we need to know.

Except whether or not we really want to read it– which this review happens to do!

 I have a screen shot of it– appears in the January edition of RT Book Reviews

And I’m thrilled.  It’s an awesome review– and getting a Top Pick is a big deal!  Bells of Times Square was a Top Pick (I know it shows 4* there, but in the magazine listing it’s listed as a 4 1/2 star books– that’s as high as they go!)

And the thing that I think thrills me most about this little book getting such big attention is that it’s a little story, with small time heroes– and it’s a happy story, with lots of humor.  It’s sweet, and it has a cat and guys who play rec league together and if I could manage to make them real and immediate and important, well then, I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted to as a writer.

So I’m proud. And champing at the bit– we don’t even get a buy link until November 24th, and darn it! I want you all to read it now!

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  1. Leigh Ann says:

    I'm looking forward to it.

    Really? A dentist appointment on their day off? Was there much shrieking and gnashing of teeth?

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