Uh, Birthday wishes?

So, today was my stepmom’s birthday, and it was sort of a busy day for me, but I wanted to get her a card since I was going to be up by her house anyway–I had to take Big T to the dentist, and our dentist is about a mile away from my parents’ house, so I figured a card, not a text this year, right?

Anyway, I went into the drugstore to find a card.

Can I just say, my stepmom is in good health and she’s not Saint Catherine, neither is she Mother Teresa, she’s a perfectly wonderful human woman who does not need, nor probably does not want a heartfelt poem in five die-cut pages complete with glitter and ribbons celebrating her amazing otherworldly-quality awesomeness.

Dude. There was nothing–nothing–for a perfectly ordinary birthday for a lovely and yet human woman.

I finally found the Shoebox section–aptly named, it wasn’t that big–and managed a rather amusing little card, and when I went up to the register I bought some fun sweet snacky thingies to give her with the card.

Then I picked Big T up and took him to the dentist.

Now, I’d bought some chocolate pretzels with my mom’s snacky thingies and munched on those, perfectly content, and offered them to T. He declined, went to his appointment, got out of the car and promptly opened his grandma’s snacky thingies! 

I was like, *flail*!!!!!

“Oh my God! We can’t give those to her now! That’s totally tacky!”

“Sorry, Mom. I totally owe grandma a treat–I’ll tell her it’s my fault.”

Well, my stepmom wasn’t home, but my dad was, and we gave him the card to give her, and then I told him the tale of the snacky thingies.

“Out of curiosity, what did you get?”

Well, what I got her was caramel popcorn with chocolate bar bits in it which, you gotta admit, was pretty amazing as far as snacky thingies go.

Anyway–I pulled them out and let my dad see the bag and he tried a handful and took the bag and said, “Don’t worry. She’ll never know you opened the bag.” And then he gathered the bag to himself and took the card inside.


Well, at least they were enjoyed, I guess, and now I totally owe my mom some snacky thingies.

I hope she had a happy birthday, though. She was on a horse ride during a gorgeous spring day–I’m pretty sure she did.

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