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Okay, so I have two upcoming releases in December.  I’ll talk about Fur-Bearing Critters next week–it’s part of the Advent Calendar, and it’s really hella cute.  I also have (sort of by request) this one here.  This couple is Ryan and Scott, and they were the couple from the Curious Anthology story, Shirt, as well as the stand-alone story, Phonebook.  (Phonebook is still available from Dreamspinner Press.)  Anyway, Elizabeth asked me to write them a Christmas novella, because they’re sort of adorable, and seriously hot!  Anyway, Puppy, Car, and Snow is sort of a family story.  Scotty and Ryan are snowed in with Ryan’s family for Christmas, and while most of Ryan’s family is okay with the gay, they’re NOT okay with Scott!  Ryan spends his family vacation defending his lover from his mother–and mothers can be just BRUTAL–we all know that!  (I know I will be.  Seriously.  Brutal.)  Anyway, the cover art is lovely (THANK YOU, ANNE CAIN!!!!!!)  and I hope you like the snark!


For Saturday Snark at Marie Sexton’s: From Puppy, Car, and Snow  

Oh God. Ryan wasn’t wearing any sleep shorts or any underwear…. Oh God.
He totally meant business, and Scott’s hard on went from limp biscuit to porn
star in one brush of his fingers on Ryan’s bare hip.

“Do you still have a headache?” Ryan whispered furiously, and Scott
cringed. The only really bad thing about that lie was a boyfriend who might
hold back on sex because of it.
“That depends. What’s your mother doing?”
“Hanging upside down in her cave, I think. Why?”
Scott giggled a little and
fumbled for the waistband of his sleep shorts. “Because if she’s in her cave,
my headache just got cured,” he said truthfully. 

And then there’s this! Talker’s Graduation is up for book of the week over at Whipped Cream Reviews this week.  If you’ve got a half a second, go on over and vote for me!  (Pretty please?) 

And other than that?  Well, two Thanksgivings down, and one to go!  I’ll get back to you on Monday with deets about tomorrow’s–it’s the big one at my parents house, so that should be interesting!    So, big Thanksgiving wrap up on Monday, but for today?  I finished Gambling Men, am in editing for Chase in Shadow, and am going to ditch out on this glamorous life in front of my computer and go watch Up with my family!  Ciau!

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  1. roxie says:

    Love your snark!

  2. Donna Lee says:

    The snark is perfect. I hope the 3rd Thanksgiving was a good one (sounds very Hobbit-like!)

  3. I hang up side down from time to time.

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