First of all, Geoffie is doing okay. We’ll see after her walk tomorrow if she needs to go back for more fluids, and mostly? I think we just wait to see if she starts throwing up like a hurricane or if she’s going to pass the big chunk of rib bone in her stomach.

I have to say, this morning at the vets was really cute. She ran up to each of the nurses to personally greet them, her tail wagging, little barks coming, snuffling at their hands and all. They all knew her by name, and when I gave her to the one admitting her, she was happy to go.

I think they take good care of her there.

Because, you know, she’s been there a lot.

Anyway– tomorrow I’m joining my QSAF people at the Lavender Library in downtown to do a reading. It should be lots of fun–and hey! There’s cookies!

Also– don’t forget, A Few Good Fish is out Tuesday, and I’m getting super excited about it! There will be a small blog tour, of course, and an excerpt posted on HEA Blog on USA Today, and generally good things!

Also, for those of you who didn’t see it, Hiding the Moon is out in October. Now this book is sort of a sequel to Racing for the Sun, because Burton, the main character appears there as Ace and Sonny’s friend.

Now, when I was writing A Few Good Fish, I needed someone on the inside to help Ellery and Jackson out. And the thing is, I’d already written a character who worked military black ops and would be happy to step up–Lee Burton. So, in order to have him and Ernie work well on the page, I wrote their story, starting on this blog, and then continued it and wrote the book in its entirety.

Which has this outrageously sexy cover, that looks SO GOOD next to Ace and Sonny’s cover, and yet, so mysterious and awesome in its own right.

*happy sigh*

Ernie and Burton burn up the pages.

I love this sequence of books so much.

Anyway– I know it’s a wait for Hiding the Moon, but if you haven’t read Racing for the Sun, now’s your chance. And if you haven’t read any of the Fish Out of Water books, you might want to start there.

*happy sigh*

Because these guys are seriously hot and shit does, indeed, go boom.

So everybody cross your fingers for Geoffie–I’m hoping she’s seen the last of the vet for a while, but we’ll have to see.

And yay!

I’ve got a new release out next week!

That’s something to celebrate!

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  1. avatarminx says:

    I'm so looking forward to this. I actually have arranged to go in late to work Tues so I can read it when it releases at midnight. I am a little sad I have to wait for Burton and Earnie. I really liked their blog appearances and have so been looking forward to reading their story. I'm glad you gave them a full book. Thanks for all your wonderful writing.

    I'm really glad Geoffie is cautiously better.

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