Upon Being a Weenie

SERIOUSLY nothing to report here, except it’s raining. It’s raining, and that gazunga car bill did NOT go toward fixing our air conditioner, which means there’s no defrog, and every trip I take in the car is a nightmare of wiping off the inside windshield and trying to put together the road in front of me like a patchwork quilt with every blink.



That, and I was doing REALLY good with the walking–four, five times a week, and I was due to go out tonight, when… *whimper* “It’s raining.” (I go out all the time in the rain–you know this.) “And it’s… it’s… it’s… COOOOOLLLLDDDDD!!!” *wail* And it was. I realize we’re lucky. When the rest of the country got hit with this storm, everybody’s doors froze shut, like ice on a vault time-lock. But here, no, all WE get is icy, freezing, irritating, relentless 38 degree rain.

And it’s night.

And it’s cold.

And, well, as the title might suggest, I’m a weenie, and that’s about all there is to it. I stayed in tonight.

Of course there COULD Have been more to report– Chicken was scheduled to start tap dance lessons tonight– she was REALLY excited about them. Too bad both of us COMPLETELY FORGOT about them. I even wrote them down. *face palm* Seriously– how absent minded to I have to be before people start reporting sightings of my runaway brain, trying to cross against the light and ending up on some poor schmuck’s front grille? I can’t beLIEVE I forgot that! Chalk one more up to flaky mom!

And oh– about the picture? Yesterday, Squish wanted me to document her inner monologue as reflected by a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop toys frolicking in the Batman fortress of terror, and I thought I’d share. The funny thing is, I was thinking that she was pretty smart for a little kid when I went searching for the (obviously malfunctioning) camera to take the picture, but when I downloaded the photo I found a 20 picture sequence of a big GI Joe doll, apparently doing the Cabbage Patch dance in a circle over my eldest son’s bed. I think he was experimenting with stop-action–and it worked, as I was flashing through the photos on the computer, but, uhm, keep in mind that he’s 18. For some reason, her picture is cuter…

And that’s almost all she wrote. Oh yeah–LP is actually approaching completion. My joy cannot be contained:-

0 thoughts on “Upon Being a Weenie”

  1. roxie says:

    GI Joe doing the Cabbage Patch Doll Dance? And you're not sharing it with us?

    You forgot tap-dance lessons because you are mega-multi tasking and disoriented. What was Chicken's excuse? Next week, you will be sure to make it.

    I have heard that if you turn on the air-conditioner, it will suck the wet air out of the car and make it easier to keep the windshield clear. I've tried it with mixed success. If you wipe away the fog with a towel, and leave the wet towel in the car, the air remains humid, and the towel winds up really stinky!

  2. Chris says:

    Wow, Chicken forgot, too??

  3. Catie says:

    congratulations on keeping up with the walking. it is good to give yourself a break – exercise is good and all but it shouldn't be torture… i'm sure you'll be back to it soon. i've been going to the gym about 3 times a week (way to freakin' cold here to do things outside voluntarily -20C here plus windchill – that's about 4F) – i'd like to do more but can't find the time.

  4. Michelle says:

    Hey Girl…if you need a walking partner let me know…I know we live pretty close and I CANNOT convince the hubs that we should actually GO on a walk, not just talk about it! I will be all 'Yes Your Most Magnificentness, You really are the best in the known universe' Not really, but I CAN tell you that your stuff does not suck…cuz it doesn't!

  5. NeedleTart says:

    Yesterday it was 68 here. The sun was shining and all was happy in PA. Except that I broke my big toe and can't walk OR swim for another three weeks. Rats!
    Enjoy your walks.

  6. I need to start walking again. Guess we can be distant walk buddies.

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