It’s NOT an exchange hotbody from Brazil…

Yeah. It figures. I’ve got one day of vacation left–ONE day. I managed to accomplish a few things this last week I was proud of– lots of Ladybug snuggling, the Jack & Teague story, a couple of trips to the park, a couple of visits with grandparents, I didn’t kill the flippin’ dog–all in all, I was feeling like a well rested and sane mommy yesterday morning… and what should sneak into my corpus and grab my urethra by the balls?

A-yup. Big U. Big T. Nasty little ‘i’.


Excuse me while I go to the bathroom… all finis…nope. Not yet. No. Gotta go one more… OWIE OWIE OWIE OWIE… and so on. I’ve taken the appropriate meds, but my step mom has a surprise party today and I’ve got to make potato salad and show up and I FEEL SO FUNKY. Besides the fact that the idea of leaving the house for longer than two and a half seconds makes wish we’d stocked up on Depends. (And I need a boatload of potatoes.)

Uhm, did I mention, BLARGH?

Anyway, so far J&T seems to have done the trick– I’ve gotten some good feedback (thanks guys!) and I feel better and better about the progress of Rampant and… and… excuse me. I’ve got to go to the bathroom!

Okay, I’m back now.

Anyway, I was hoping that J & T had cured my desire to write Supernatural fanfic, but oddly enough, the guys are so different from the guys that J & T don’t really fill that niche anymore. (Yeah, some of you could follow that…) Anyway, it’s weird how much a single imagination can corrupt one original construct and twist it into another one–the human brain is a-freakin-mazing. Besides that, thanks to Knittech, I’ve got a raging desire to see what the Winchesters do with sockgnomes. If I can keep my sick little perversions out of it, I may post it here, because I have the feeling that an hysterical knitter, some moths from hell and a sockgnome bent on merino consumption could make for some damned good copy. Well, for a really select group of people with twisted senses of imagination and a taste for angst & veal, it could… uhm…

Oh god… gotta go pee… ‘scuse me!

Okay, all back now. Did I mention the meds make it putrid-popping orange? Yeah. Sorry– TMI!

Anyway, we DID take the short people to the park yesterday–for about two hours. It was BLISSFUL. They ran around forEVER–until they were so tired that I almost thought we’d lost them because they’d gone under the slide to sprawl like starfish and make bark-angels. (Uhm, yes, we bathed them when we got back, why do you ask?) And then we got home and all I can remember after that was checking a few blogs and going to the bathroom. A lot.

If ONLY Uti was a hotbody exchange husband from Brazil…

0 thoughts on “Uti…”

  1. Galad says:

    You have my sympathy. UTI's are the worst!

    Put me on the list for the twisted angst & veal story:-)

  2. Louiz says:

    Ouch:( Hope it clears up asap.

    And sockgnomes, moth and knitters? Where do I sign up to read it?

  3. I had it’s close relative. BLAH. Handknit socks and thongs…

  4. TinkingBell says:

    Cranberry juice.

    Lots and lots of Cranberry juice.

    And once you have got rid of this UTI drink a glass a day and it will never come back again


    Miracle cure stuff

    And it’s great with vodka, too (and still works on the waterworks. True)

  5. Donna Lee says:

    Twisted angst and veal for me,too. Cranberry juice. Lots and lots of cranberry juice. (Oh, I just read tink’s comment). Well, it’s still good advice.

    Feel better. I’m squeezing my legs together in sympathy.

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