Wait, gonna, oh–yeah!

Okay– first of all, the swag is reaching epic towers in my house, and I need to organize!  (Every time I say that I hear Wallace from Wallace and Gromet fame saying, “Let’s get organized!”  The results are depressingly similar.)

Anyway– sorry I skipped the day blogging.  I had a “finishing the story” crisis, which, well, it’s sort of funny, because I was writing about a dancer, and part of the conflict was whether he was going to save himself for the “way back” after his career was over, and his boyfriend was sort of begging him to, and the dancer was so unused to the idea of their being part of his heart left, he almost didn’t.

Honestly, sometimes I almost don’t either.

I gain weight– because I”m so tired my “Off-switch” with food is permanently disengaged and any carb is fair game.  My hair starts to fall out because I get dehydrated because I drink too much soda and not enough water.  (For the record, when this gets really bad, I get UTI’s– Forever Promised was one of the worst, and it came because I didn’t really move from the computer for two days.)  My sleep cycle becomes so disturbed and my caffeine high is so chronic that I can go down for maybe four hours at a time before I’m up and at my computer again, and then, when I have to skip my afternoon nap, I’m a zombie– spacey, babbling, forgetful, irritable– just a bubbling cauldron of manic joy.  When people talk to me, I tend to look up as though startled from something really absorbing, and stare at them blankly, saying, “What?”

It takes a couple of days to come down.

Yesterday, I took a quick nap, took two Motrin to kill the headache, and took the kids swimming.  I was asleep by eleven p.m. on the couch.

Today, I slept in, went knitting with my friend L.E. Banks (whose lovely, self-possessed daughter made me long for my Chicken) and went and picked T up from my parents house, then came home with food.

Then I fell asleep while knitting in front of the television, which is something I haven’t done in ages, and I took another nap.

I’m almost sane now.

I’m eating snap peas for dinner, with hummus, in the hopes of undoing some of the carb damage I’ve subjected myself to in the past week, and it’s only water for the rest of the night.  And, of course, let’s not forget my solemn vow not to do it ever again.

Until next time, right?

Anyway– this time can also be pretty fun because my brain is on manic overtime, and I work in social media enough that some of the things that I spit into the ether can have surprising results.

For example, the tweet I put out that had Elizabeth, my publisher at DSP, saying, “Ooh… this would be such a good story… wouldn’t it be good?  It would be good! Pllllleassee…. please please please… ooooh look!  It’s so SHINY.

And after a valiant effort at resisting, you all know what happened, don’t you?


I caved, and my queue adjusted, and as soon as I’m done with the Porn Star’s Buttload of editing I’ve got to do, well…

You’ll love it.  I hope.

But I hope I’ll manage my time a little better, and get that one done without quite the sprint for the finish that this last one had.  I sure would like to save something for the way back, right?

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  1. Well I for one appreciate the results of your dehydrated, overcarbed, sleep deprived self. Just don't do any permanent damage because we're relying on you out here! 😉

  2. Good luck. =^.^=

    (FYI – my validation word: nodust)

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