Wait… I didn’t win?

No– no I didn’t.

And in spite of my daughter’s attempts to cheer me up with Leonardio diCaprio .gifs — I’m fine.  (The Leo diCaprio thing was hilarious by the way.)

Seriously– when Damon Suede heard who won, he was like, “Oh, honey– I had no idea that’s who you were up against.”  Tessa Dare won– the incomparable Tessa Dare–and if she hadn’t won, well, Elizabeth Hoyt was right after her.

Yeah, folks– I was playing with giants. I’m pleased to have not been squashed like Bambi.

And since I wasn’t basing my entire notion of self-worth on the award (but I admit the nomination did give that a bit of a bump!) I could enjoy the fineness of the night.

Sarah, my editor, looks astounding, and my Mate and I look pretty good–and he was there, by my side the entire time.

I mean… my Mate was there the entire time.

Don’t I write love stories? Isn’t the purpose of love stories to show that two people in love are worth any number of worldly recognition?

It is to me.

Today, Mate and I went to see the Statue of Liberty and then to see a play. (Hand of  God– hilarious and terrible and painful and thought provoking.)

I was a little tired and a little quiet, because hey, it was a big week!  But I was with my Mate, and we were having a good time.

And I am still in love.  And I’m pretty sure he is too.  And one successful love story trumps a minor loss of worldly recognition.

It’s been a wonderful trip.

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  1. Kathie says:

    that Dress is beautiful. I love the purple. really sets off your hair. Isn't it the most amazing feeling to have your "mate" right next to you sharing in your success. win or Lose it's still succcess!!!!

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Love (all love) is worth celebrating and acknowledging. I am always happy that my husband is not only there to share my joys and sorrows but WANTS to be there. Yes, I'm boring. I love my husband.

    You and Mate "clean up real good" as my grandmother would say and you also look happy-THAT'S what makes you look so gorgeous (that and that beautiful purple dress)

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