Waiting for Waiting?

Okay, I don’t know what’s wrong with blogger, but the damn thing seems to be freezing my computer–but only when I log onto MY page. Folks, speak up–if that big honkin’ picture of the happiness twins (otherwise known as my children beating the holy hell out of each other on a cliff) is freezing EVERYONE’S computer, well, then, I’ll take it down and replace it with something easy and small–like the stupid dumbassed fuckheaded cat, right? (Steve has been out-steving the most determined Steve. She keeps escaping from the house, getting one house down, and looking at us, all panicked. “Fuck me! I never expected to get this far! WHERE THE HELL AM I? Take me home… but don’t touch me… but take me home! Jesus, can’t you people keep a cat inside? I hate you ALL!” And so on.)

Anyway, back to the picture actually UP this post, Waiting. Waiting should be out on April 9th (Yes–that’s two days before The Locker Room, why do you ask? Is it because I’m going to be locked in another week long frenzy of pimping my book and then waiting to see if anyone read it and liked it, why, well, yes. That IS a recipe for insanity. Why do you ask? Well, yeah– I’m already nucking fug buts, and again– why are we asking?) and, anyway, yes, it’s the second Jack & Teague (& Katy) story. This is the one that actually starts to feature the (& Katy) part– poor girl–she’s already waited 30 K to get some, she doesn’t have to wait very long in this one!

Now, I’ve said this before– the whole thing with the Green’s Hill Werewolves is that I wanted to write something that’s short, intense, and has a very tight plot arc. The weird thing was, that for me, there was no such thing as a story that was over after 30K, an that’s how this one came to have six installments. What’s weird is how weird people get aBOUT stuff like this. You make it very clear that it’s a series. You make it VERY clear that there are more to come. You explain to EVERYONE that it’s set in a pre-established world. And suddenly you’re getting pummeled because there is a complete world built around it. *sigh* I don’t get people sometimes. Really don’t. But that’s okay– the people who really loved these guys to start with get to see them legit, and I think (hope) they’re getting some new friends as we go. I REALLY want to see them open to ARe and Kindle–I’m not sure why, maybe it was all those years with Amazon being the only place I had that felt legit, but, well, it just doesn’t seem like the book is released until it shows up on Amazon.com, yanno?

Anyway, that’s about all for now, folks! We went and saw Rango this Sunday– it rocked! (The voice talents were AWESOME–as was the in joke about Hunter S. Thompson on the way to Las Vegas.) And today, on the way to dance class, Squish heard this song on the iPod rotation.

“Mama, was song on the iPod or on the radio?”

“On the iPod, why?”

“Can we hear that aGAIN?”

So, uhm, once again, welcome to my soundworm. It’s wearing tight, pegged jeans, a killer leather coat, has 80’s hair, and made my little girl be-bop her head back and forth on the way to dance class. I think I’m in love.

0 thoughts on “Waiting for Waiting?”

  1. roxie says:

    Yayy for you and for Jack and Teague (& Katy)!!

    People who complain about the stories being "incomplete?" They're the same ones who grab the test that says, READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING TEST and immediately start bubbling in answers without reading a damn thing. They also try to assemble Ikea furniture without the instructions. Their life is hard.

  2. Louiz says:

    It loads fine for me.

    Plus yay for new book:)

  3. Michelle says:

    No Freeze!

    Love Steve!

    Love Jack and Teague (& Katy)! not to mention the rest of the Green's Hill gang!

  4. Yet another book coming out? When do you have time to breathe?!

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