Watch This Space

Yesterday, I wrote nearly 10,000 words.  
Yes.  You heard me.
9,724 that I can measure.  But I went back and backfilled, so I’m pretty sure that 275 was in there somewhere.
I stopped when the story was done.  
That’s Forever Promises, for those of you wondering, the sequel to this book here: 

The last sequel.  It’s written from everyone’s point of view.  Everyone’s. 
Deacon, Crick, Benny, Shane, Mikhail, Jeff, Collin– they all have a chapter.  Kimmy figures large, and so does Drew.  Does everyone remember that part from Sneakers?  Where River Phoenix crashes through the roof and goes, “It’s not easy what I just did?”
Yeah.  It’s not easy what I just did! 
So I’m gonna ramble a little before I get back to my editing and submit that thing I just made.  First rambling?  Chicken is making a new version of the dragon.  Now, I like the old version, but it’s her art, and she seems to think I deserve a better dragon.  I can’t wait to see what this one becomes:

Also, this is going into the back yard, after it gets cleaned up.  It’s actually very sweet, but I’ve got to tell you, country people laugh at city people who put fake rocks where their pets used to go.  

And the kids went to a fundraiser tonight, where we spent a bunch of money on balloon animals.  Well, we really spent money to help send a girl’s family to go visit her in the hospital where she’s being treated for a brain tumor, which is much worthier than the balloon animals and face painting, but that doesn’t stop the little kids from loving the other part.

And we went and shopped at Beverly’s, and the best part of that is that I found a book for Chicken.  I really love this book.  If I’m lucky, she’ll make me the little pencil cases and I can use them for my knitting kit.

Anyway– so that’s what my brain is like after 10,000 words.
Tomorrow, my brain has to be much better.  Tomorrow I have to write my grandmother’s tribute, so I can post it Sunday, in time for her memorial.  
So right now, it’s pictures, and a little bit of weirdness.  If I’m lucky, I’ve shared a little of my exhaustion fugue with you, because I’m telling you, living it is a lot like living in pink and purple and turquoise blue.  I researched River Phoenix AND the band Oasis tonight.  I bought Wreck it Ralph AND Skyfall on a total whim.  Watch out– I’m dangerous without a brain.  
So, in spite of the complete vacancy of today’s blogpost, watch this space.  On Sunday, I’m going to tell you about my grandma, and she’s something special.  

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  1. ~galyna says:

    I am so so excited about this book! Keeping Promise Rock is perhaps my favoritest book EVER, so I can't wait to see how you've wrapped everything up!

  2. Linda says:

    Holy Moly….. You made my day.

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