Watch This Space

 So, I’m putting together a newsletter.

Okay–so that’s misleading.

Ambrosia who is working as my PA right now is putting together a newsletter for me, because otherwise, I’d be a lost and lonely loser, wandering the newsl
etter dessert without a compass.

 Anyway, the good news is, the entire family got to hold the baby and I got a friend on Friday to play with.

The other good news is, we’re going to put Scorched Haven out on Instafreebie, and all you’ll have to do is sign up for the newsletter to get it!

I’ll also have links here, on Twitter, on FB,  and I think Ambrosia is going to be dropping the newsletter links and the Instafreebie links in all the promotional groups on FB too.

So, uh, yeah.



I commissioned a cover for Scorched Haven, and it’s lovely, and I thought you all would like to see it! But watch this space for the newsletter signups, okay?  And for the link from Instafreebie, in case you haven’t read the story yet.

Friday, November 25th, we’ll roll everything out. It’s coming!


Zoomboy got this 3D model of a TIE-Fighter from my parents for his birthday–and he put it together in two hours. He did a great job, and I foresee another hobby in his future.

He was so damned proud.

BTW–did you know that the TIE in TIE-Fighter stands for Twin Impulse Engines?

Me neither!

ZoomBoy–he’s pretty up on shit, amIrite?

Anyway– like the title says–watch this space!

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