We found socks!

(I’d like to thank the person on FB who posted this to my
FB group. Best. Picture. Ever!)

Okay– it’s not really anything to blog about, but it is exciting.

This year, I decided on three projects to knit (hey– knitting is in the title there somewhere).

Project A: A family of socks for Mary-my-Mary

Project B: A blanket for my friend Ellis’s adorable child

Project C: The Neil Gaiman Baker-Street scarf for Ms. Lynn West

So, I’ve started on all of them (being the fiber slut that I am) and I love every project. (And hey, it’s just occurred to me, that as far as rockstars go, I’m knitting for rockstars. Saying. This is exciting.)

But here’s the thing– I am actually almost done with the family of socks. There were to be four pairs.  I sent two pairs to their intended recipient, had finished the third and set them out to block, and had started the fourth and had actually finished the first sock. 

And that’s when I realized…

Oh, holy crap, I couldn’t find the third pair of socks.

My house had eaten the third pair of socks. NO SOCKS, there were NO SOCKS!

You’ve got to understand.

The first pair of socks for this project was halfway completed–I had one sock done–and I had ZB try the sock on and… zip. I had no socks done, because a flaw I hadn’t noticed just ran down the side of that sucker and I had to start again.  The second set went much better–but I had to unwind the first sock or I wouldn’t have had enough wool, and honestly? That makes me itchy. I like to have enough wool. The second pair went awesomely–so awesomely in fact that I had to have a pair of fingerless mitts out of the same wool for reasons. Those reasons, btw, are what have kept me from whining over the last week as we sit out in the dark and cold to watch our kids practice soccer on a tennis court under the lights, so Imma say some good reasons.  But still– two projects, two delays.

This was the third pair of socks… if I couldn’t find them by the time I finished the last sock I was going to have to postpone the blanket (which is doing quite well) and postpone the scarf (which I adore working on) and knit another pair of plain worsted socks. 

I know non-knitters won’t believe me when I say this, but this would be a tragedy.

And now it’s been averted.

I haven’t been this happy since I woke up on Saturday and thought, “I need to take care of that ticket– WAIT! IT’S OVER! I DON’T HAVE TO ANYMORE!”


Only one sock to go.

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  1. Shelley says:

    I hate misplacing my knitting – even more than I hate ripping. I did love doing the Neil Gaiman scarf. I actually liked the stitch so much I am considering doing a larger throw blanket with it. I always try to have one "t.v. and veg" project and one fiddly project going.

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