We Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Posts Tomorrow…

Today, Mate and I had a sort of “nothing” day.

I wrote– a lot. I cleaned off the kitchen table– a little. 

We watched the following movies: Singing in the Rain, Nine to Five, The Gift, one episode of Frankie and Grace, the last episode of True Detectives (and dammit– I wanted them all to live, that’s all I’m saying), and mate is finishing off with The Edge and Ballers while I work some more.

I can’t remember the last time we did one of these.  I think it was some time in February.

I needed this.  We needed this.  So tomorrow, I resume my regularly scheduled blog with some fanfic thrown in.  You may have noticed the “Adult Disclaimer” button– that means I can get a wee bit more explicit with the fanfic.  Wee-hoo!!!!

And in the meantime, I’ve done SuperBat and Batman/Nightwing.  Let’s hear from some fandoms you’d like to see!  Not promising I can do one of them or any of them for that matter– but I sure would like to try!

So list your favorite fanfic pairings–even my own work, if you like.  I’m sort of enjoying the option to blog in fiction, so knock yourselves out!  Maybe some of them are my favorites too 😉


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    You don't really need me to answer this, do you?

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