Wednesdays Are Hard

Seriously– ZoomBoy is doing the play, Squish had dance, I worked out and Chicken came over to do laundry. Busy–but bittersweet too. Kids are getting a little older and the quality of the busy has changed.

So here’s the current mood, the current joy, current project, and the current surprise for Wednesday:

Current Mood:

Current Joy–  Elizabeth sent me llamas 🙂  And a yarn bowl!!!

Current Project: Still the Wave Crash–but I may  stop before it’s totally done–right now the wingspan is LUSH and it’s pretty darn deep. I may just put a really deep hood on it at the end of this pattern repeat (there is a pattern, but it’s hard to explain) and wrap a border around it and call it a happy monstrosity. (Okay– for the record? Only I get to call it a monstrosity because I love it, and it’s mine.)  
Current Joy: ZoomBoy texted me this afternoon while doing his makeup for the dress rehearsal. “Look, Mom! I have eyebrows!”
“I’ll show your sister. She’ll be jealous!”
And there you go! Wednesdays are hard–but we survived. And for the record? I tried to get Squish to be in the picture with the llamas, but she insisted it be me. My daughters are getting tricksy these days…

Oh! Update on the blog tour:

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