Weekend Sleeping…

Okay– first of all, thanks so far for everyone who’s put in their two cents for the contest! Some of the choices were a real surprise–and I was thrilled to see a couple of votes for Bitter Moon. (My daughter was not! She said that if I wrote a sex scene between Lane and Bethen and posted it on line, I would wreck her for life. I promised if that one was picked, there would be some romance, but no explicit sex–I hope that’s okay! She also said she REALLY wanted the Marcus/Phillip or Torrant/Aylan scene. I wouldn’t mind those either!)

Anyway, other than that?

Yup. Seriously. Didn’t do much. Talked my husband into going to a movie last night– that was nice. We saw The Expendables. I told my husband, “Yanno, I can just hear Sly and the gang, bitching about Mickey Rourke: Dude–we’re the ones hauling our fifty-ish asses through the stunt scenes, getting the pup beat out of us while shit’s getting blown up, and you know who’s gonna get all the attention in this movie, don’t you? Mickey. Man, while the rest of us are out being BAMFs, what’s he doing? Painting a fucking guitar, that’s what he’d doing. Painting a fucking guitar and just acting like it wasn’t the hardest goddamned thing in the world. Hate him. We. Hate. Him. Love him like a brother, but seriously– Bruce? Jet? Jason? You guys with me on this?”

“Yeah, Sly. Hate. Him. Totally. We hate him!”

(Which, of course, means he was rock-awesome–it was a fun movie. Nothing like watching the old farts take out an entire small army. WOOT!)

So, mostly–it’s going to be a short post. If I’d been on the ball (and not napping) I would have shown you all a lovely photo of my family, playing chess with Dad in the front room, while I drooled. But, you know, droolers do NOT hold a camera well. It was okay–I got to listen, and it was charming.

Oh yeah–and Squish took a sixteen hour nap. NO lie. She fell asleep at six o’clock Saturday night, and slept until eight in the morning, Sunday. She was so charming this morning! So much fun! I loved it. Didn’t get a lot of “feel sorry for me cuddles” but I loved it!

And see– isn’t that sad when the most exciting thing about your weekend is that someone took a nap?

*ah* I love the weekends. (We DID have two soccer games on Saturday– but they were early. Both kids kicked the ball, and Zoomboy only pretended to be a helicopter once. Screw the score, and the fact that all of Zoomboy’s team acted like there was an electric line through the center of the field that they could not cross. We called it a win!)

0 thoughts on “Weekend Sleeping…”

  1. Chris says:

    Sounds like a restorative weekend. 🙂

  2. roxie says:

    Squish and I may be psychically connected. I slept ALL weekend – or at least 44 out of 48 hours worth. Good LORD it felt good!!

    Movie date with the Mate sounds great. Those built-in babysitters are earning their keep.

  3. Don't say the movie was good, Grilltech will want to go see it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    a child napping????what was that when I babysat this weekend


  5. DecRainK says:

    a 16 HOUR nap? holy frak. Can I have her sleep abilities? I'm working with insomnia from hell over here

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